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Bible ,inspired ?

The bible is a book about the Word of God .
The Word was made flesh and dwelled amoung us !
The letter kills , the Spirit gives LIFE.
Inspired scripture that can only become LIFE as the Holy Spirit gives the understanding !
1 John 2-27 , the Holy Spirit is our teacher.

Men have whored up the word of Truth for so long , the only place where Truth is left is in the Spirit as taught by the Holy Spirit.

The bible beaters just need read one more scripture John 3-17 , Jesus came to save not to condemn ! God knows how You feel , Your every thought as a matter of fact.
Hear God's voice and Obey , so that it will be well with You is HIS advice ,,,,notice HE did not say listen to some religous whore of any type color or creed .
So called Christains have whored up the gospel so bad it's hard to recognize as a "Good Word "

I was a total non-believer when the Holy Spirit came a talking ! I was so hard headed it took the Holy Spirit 4 years to convence Me that God was !
I used to send the bible beaters down the road running for their lives !
Our Father agrees that the traditions of men have the Word of God of no effect !

That's why HE will draw and train , personally all men. This is also in the instruction book .

What the pagan world church is teaching ,,,,is not what's in the book ! Hmmmmmmm?
The ones that wouldn't go for the religeous crap are the ones that God is looking for Now to take over. Like David , growing up in Sauls camp ,,,,God was showing David , how NOT to treat people .
The inspiration for the words in the book is inside of us , the Holy Spirit will only testify of Christ and reveal the Son of God in You to You !

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