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Re: haile sellasie and the jews of israel.

Q. Are the Jews living in the modern State of Israel true Jews entitled to the promises made by God in the Old

Some of them. The promises made by God refer to the literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and not to
any "adopted" into Israel by conversion to Judaism unless they intermarried as Ruth and Rahab did, for example.
The only adoption into Israel that is recognised by God is when non-Hebrews accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Nobody knows for sure now many Israelis are true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Only God knows.
The promises do not extend to those who, like the Khazars, Ethiopian Fallashas or African Jews, converted to
Talmudic Judaism.

Those who are truly of the seed of Abraham (and that includes the Arabs who come under similar though different
promises) will, in the end, convert to Christ. They do not necessarily need to be 100% Abrahamite (I doubt if
anyone qualifies!) and may only be 1% -- those who are of the true seed of Israel will possess certain qualities
which will reflect the blessings made to Abraham's seed. You can read about these qualities in the tribal natures or
dispositions. For example, true Josephites (Ephraimites and Manassahites) will reflect the qualities of the Patriarch
Joseph and of men like Joshua, and true "Jews" (Judahites is a better term because a "Jew" may be a convert to
Talmudic Judaism) will reflect the qualities of the Patriarch Judah and of men like Peter and James. The best
example of a Benjaminite would be Paul with King Saul another on the negative side. Danite nature is reflected in
such characters as Samson.

A good portion of Israeli as well as diaspora Jews (in the USA, for example) are almost certainly of Turkic and
Germanic origin -- the number of blonde, blue-eyed Jews is astonishing!

The true Judahites, Levites, Benjaminites and Simeonites will be sorted out from amongst the stock which we today
call "Jews" and will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, in the same way as the wheat and tares will be sorted
out from amongst those who call themselves "Christian". New Covenant Christians believe that as only a small
minority of true believers in Christ will be sifted out from amongst the "Christians", so also only a small minority of
true Israelites will be sifted out from amongst world-wide Jewry. The latter will embrace Jesus as Saviour and be
united with the true Christian believers.

We are often asked if we support the State of Israel and it is worthwhile, at this juncture, to say something about
this. The answer is "yes" and "no". We suppport the existence of an Israelite State within the borders defined in
the Bible but we do not support Zionism for the reasons given above. We do not regard the present Israeli Republic
as true "Israel" for several reasons:

(1) Even assuming all those claiming to be "Jews" were actually descendants of Judah, what of the other

tribes? The Land of Israel was not given to just Judah, Simeon and Banjamin, but to Joseph and his other

brothers too;

(2) As we have said, the Jews are not a pure race, and a great many who walk under the name "Jew" have no

inheritance rights there;

(3) All those who are true believers in Christ have a right of inheritance in the Land of Israel, including

born-again Christian 'Palestinian' (and other) Arabs.

I repeat: the land of Israel, as defined in the Bible as stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, belongs ultimately
to all the true sons and daughters of Abraham either by literal descent or by adoption. These will include the literal
blood descendants of Jacob who have received Christ and all those from every other race under the son who truly
accept the Saviour of mankind.

This means that in the Israeli Republic there are both legitimate inheritors of the land as well as impostors who,
because they will never accept Christ, will be killed at the Second Coming or be cast out of that Land.

What of the Israeli Republic in divine providence? Was the State that became independent after World War II a
part of the divine scheme? Our answer is, yes, conditionally. It is not the State of Israel prophsied in the Bible but a
precursor to it.

What of the Palestinian Arabs? Do they have a right to the land? The answer is if they accept Christ as Lord and
Saviour then they have inheritance rights as great as any Messianic Jews. What of Muslim Palestinians? Like the
unbelieving Jews, they have no rights at all.

This means that those who are living in the Land of Israel who do not receive Christ as Saviour when He returns (if
they have not already been killed) will be expelled from the land, because it is holy, as an unbeliever would be
expelled from the Temple for defiling it. So who has inheritance rights today?

The answer is, we don't know, because God has not yet fully revealed who are the true Jews and Arabs. There are
"Jews" and Arabs in Israel who have no right to be there in God's eyes even if they have been living in the land for
centuries or even millennia. Modern social and political science is meaning- less and so as a Church we do not
recognise what might be called secular "rights". The Land of Israel is not just like other countries -- it is God's own
country on earth and it is up to God, and not men, to decide who has the right to live there.

We do not, therefore, support the unconditional immigration of all and any Jews who want to move to the Israeli
Republic. That is why New Covenant Christians do not unconditionally support migration schemes from, for
example, Russia. We are not opposed to them because we do not know which are the true Israelites but by the
same token we do not actively support them. We pray that all the true sons of Abraham will find their way home, if
that is where God has called them at this particular time.

It should also be added that we do not support orthodox Talmudic Judaism which is militantly anti-Christian and
which is even now at the time of publication, advocating a law which would make Christian proseletysing illegal in
the Israeli Republic. Indeed, Talmudic Judaism, like its militant Islamic counterpart, is anti-Christ..

Since God has not yet passed judgment as to who will be permitted to live in the Land of Israel ultimately neither
can or ought we to either. The whole issue of a Palestinian State is quite irrelevant because neither it (if it ever
exists as an independent entity) or the present Israeli Republic is permanent. The secular/orthodox Jewish State
has no future, and neither will any Palestinian State if it is ever created. What is happening in the Land of Israel
today is but the continuing story of the struggle by various parties to gain political control. As New Covenant
Christians the only Israeli State that intersts us is the Patriarchal Christian Theocratic one which Christ Himself
will establish.

As Christians we do, of course, love all peoples, even those who say they are the sons of Abraham but are not.
Most of us know little about our true genealogy or racial origins. We are all mixed up, Jews as well as Gentiles,
and we would never be able to prove our true racial origins (interesting, the Arabs are amongst the least mixed up
races). Nor need we any longer. When it comes to the final settlement of the Holy Land in the Millennium we will
only need to establish that we are New Covenant Patriarchal Christian Israelites. And it will be obvious then who
these true Israelites are -- whether Arab, Judahite or Gentile.

So do not look to the present Israeli Republic for a vision of the Millennial Israel. What you see is but a hybrid, a
melting pot of the same goodness and filth that is to be found in almost every country in the world, and those who
calls themselves Jews are not necessarily under any special divine protection. The Israeli Republic will not,
however, be overwhelmed or exterminated by her Arab neighbours and Israel will not automatically be given divine
protection just because her Jewish population claims to be God's chosen. Indeed, the Bible tells us that a terrible
fate awaits Jerusalem in the last days; indeed, we may expect a holocaust far worse that anything perpetrated by
Hitler, not only against the hybrid Jewish people (who, from the point-of- view of her Muslim enemies, are as much
Jewish by religion as by race) but against Christians too. And furthermore expect much evil to be committed by
"Jews" in the future, especially Israeli Jews whose brutality is coming to match that of her historic foes. There are
many Christians who believe that anti-Christ may be Jewish and this is not altogether impossible.

Thus the New Covenant view of Israel and Jews is not as clear-cut as that of many conservative Christian groups
and yet ironically we are far more Hebrew than all of them put together. Indeed, we might say that we are more
Hebrew that many Messianic Jews! And that is because we do not subscribe to the racist propaganda, either pro or
con, that has been used to whip up hysteria for or against the Israeli Republic, most of it based on either
sentimentality, guilt (because of the last war) or historical animosity.

We have also been asked our position about land possession in the Israeli Republic today and whether we support
the establishment of a Palestinian State and the eviction of Palestinian Arabs from their homes by the Israeli State.

We do not believe it is right to force anyone to leave their homes anywhere in any country, and that includes Israel.
Thus the forced eviction of Arabs from their homes is contrary to true morality. We do not support the existence of
a "Palestinian State", however, because there is no biblical mandate for one, and we would even question the term
"Palestinian Arab", which is a term of more recent origin (the word "Palestine" being derived from an extinct
non-Arab people called the Philistines who never controlled more than the coastal strip area of the present State of
Israel; thus the description of "Palestine" as being the fomer British mandate area is an historical and
geographical misnomer). At the same time we do not believe that the Israeli Republic has any divine mandate to do
what it wants -- it is a caretaker government until Christ assumes the kingship and establishes His own theocratic
government. The right way is that Jews and Arabs try co-exist in a unitary Israeli State.

We do not support the Oslo Accords which seek the creation of a Palestinian State within Israetlite territory. We
would not, however, be opposed, in principle, to the establishment of a Palestinian State on the east bank of the
Jordan where Palestinian Arabs have always outnumbered the Hashemite Arabs who rule the present-day
"Kingdom of Jordan". But the opportunity to create such a state has long since passed into history and would in
any case be undesirable. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has, in any case, proved itself to be a stable, moderate
Arab nation, and has, in most instances (its support of Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War was one blot in its copy
book), set a good example in the Arab world worthy of emulation.

We have consistently maintained in the pages of this and other New Covenant Christian publications, that the truth
is rarely as simple as it is portrayed. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the safe return of her true sons
and daughters! In the meantime, 'Jews' and 'Palestinian' Arabs must learn to get on with one another. We are,
admittedly, not very hopeful because of the two militant religions (Talmudic Judaism and Islam) that are constantly
at each other's throats, and for this reason we believe that peace will not come to the Middle East until the
Millennium. There is much trial and suffering ahead, alas. We support all efforts to broker peace provided it is
God's peace and not the world's. Thus we have always believed that the Oslo Accords were doomed to failure, as
indeed has proved to be the case. Therefore the onus of responsibility for peacemaking must fall upon Christians in
the preaching of the Gospel and in much intercessory prayer.


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