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"Give unto me what is mine"

Blessed Love,

I have made known this verse from the Gospel of Thomas several times but no one seems to want to share opinion on it:

"Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, give unto God what is God's, and give unto ME what is MINE"
-Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Thomas

I am still interested on my Idren's views about such a crucial statement.

Keep in mind that the Gospel of Thomas was found in Aramaic (the language used in Judea during the time of Christ), while John, Luke, Matt, and Mark were written in Greek. Also keep in mind that many scholars believe that this Gospel of Thomas may actually be the legendary "Q" writings- the writings that it is assumed is the source (or at least inspirational source) of the 4 aforementioned, canonized Gospels that we all know were NOT written by any of the twelve disciples.

Give thanks.
Selassie I lives.

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"Give unto me what is mine"
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