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Rasta moves to take Gov't in Jamaica

Jamaica Alliance Movement
Flamingo Beach, Falmouth P.O. Trelawny
Telephone 781-2416 or 954-5252

Sunday, 27 January 2002


Please help us to change the system in Jamaica

Please look at http://www.google.com/search?q=Ras+Astor+Black and the
Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute at
http://www.bobartsinstitute.edu to see how we can work together

We need your help with funding

The aim of Jamaica Alliance Movement (JAM) is to promote, by peaceful
actions, the regeneration of Jamaica, a country in need of economic,
social and moral change.

JAM will promote a message to the citizens of Jamaica wherever they may
be that the time has now come for a fresh start. It is time for Jamaica
to rise from it's slumber and once again be the main island within the
Caribbean, a place where all are welcome, where all can live and enjoy
the prosperity of this great island.

JAM will raise funds through contribution and fund raising events. Funds

raised will be used to promote economic and social change in the island
by supporting education and small businesses. It will encourage everyone

on the island to take charge of their own destiny, to become
economically independent and to utilize the country's many national
resources. At the heart of this will be education. JAM will encourage
our children to know that the country that they live and grow in is
totally dependent on them believing in it and wanting to see it grow and

prosper once again.

JAM recognizes the very many and great problems now facing the country
and will not seek to promote any quick fixes. This will be a long term
strategy over a period of one to two years.

JAM will seek to promote change by
1. Influencing our children for they are our future
2. Encourage all to take full advantage of education opportunities.
3. It will actively promote the use of modern technology in the school
4. Wherever it can JAM will try to help schools that are unable to
access this technology by the donation of appropriate equipment.
5. It will also encourage local communities to become more involved in
ensuring that their schools are able to provide good education for all
the children in their area. No child should be denied the right to a
good basic education for financial or other reasons.
6. Promoting the growth of small businesses all over the island. The
island is in desperate need of economic regeneration. The aim of JAM is
to promote economic growth from within by encouraging the production of
goods and services for consumption within the island. From there it is
hoped some businesses can look to export their goods abroad.
7. Encourage all Jamaicans wherever they are to actively participate in
the democratic process to bring about positive change. For too long
people have been prepared to sit back and let things happen to them
rather than to seek to influence those they choose to run the country at

both local and national level to bring about changes for the good of the

8. JAM will encourage the people, to actively promote those changes that

will help to re-build our beautiful country.

One love
Ras Astor Black

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Rasta moves to take Gov't in Jamaica
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