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greetings Idren..me talkin bout wha de I's learn in school, in college, yah tink seh it de end all to learning? did de I's know dat evolution is only a theory but dem present evolution as fact in dis country..dem rarely tell INI yout dat its jus a theory, dat dere could be adda wehs dat one could look pon de world being created..let alone dem neva neva seh dat dere could be a God dat created alla dis..its a wonder more of ones are not Atheist, but dem cyant stop de spirit of God, de natural longing dat most a we haf fe de closeness to God..We are quick to sight up wha we learn in INI schools an ting, but me fe tell yah, dere is a book wit much more knowledge Ital to INI life, an dat is de bible..it discussed SCIENTIFIC FACT IN DE BIBLE BEFORE IYAH, BEFORE WE AS SCIENTISTS IN DE 19TH C KNEW...YAH KNOW DAT DE BIBLE TELL WE DAT DE WORLD WAS ROUND LANG IN DE BOOK OF JOB, LANG BEFORE DE SO CALLED SCIENTISTS USE TO BELIEF IT WAS FLAT..ME HAF MUCH MORE TO SHARE PON DIS..but nah nuff time tonite, but I woman will be sharing on how certain scientific fact in de bible scientists didnt come to belief until dem recent discoverys. so jus cause yah learn it in school nah mean it true, de devil know how fe get ones to fall inna complacency an ting..ok nuff fe now me fe reason pon dis tommorow Idren..
Jah Love an Blessings
kaya I

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book knowledge
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