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Recognize Jah and rule the world

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Isaac Newton

Go forth and multiply, subdue the earth and have dominion over the birds of the sky the fish of the sea and the beasts of the field

Almighty God

From now on you should all open your eyes, widen your views and cultivate in youreslves a broader way of thinking.

Haile Selassies in a speech commemorating his coronation.

One love my Bredren and Sistren. I have a line of reasoning to pursue.one that will equip I and I minds to rule this world as was intended in the beginning.But before I proceed i would like someone to explain to the board the basic principles of nuclear physics and how the splitting of an atom is achieved.Also i would like someone to tell the board about the nature and life of albert einstein...briefly

Then I would like to hear reactions to this term "Spiritual DNA"

Just like reggae music has been described as an inside out rythms so I counter the theory of the big bang being the origins oof the universe, as being a small implosion rather than a huge explosion.

In the course of the reasoning I will pull out a couple of psalms to help illustrate where Im trying to "take" I and I.

I will not continue unless I get the feedback on the questions I have asked.I cannot do so.
cause this is ACTIVE reasoning.Not opinioning.
cause this is a direction I received whil praying

If i do not receive feedback i shall continue the kearning for myself and benefit from it.Knowing that many are called and few are chosen and Rasta is not what some of us are comfortable thinking it is.

One Love

Jah rastafari

King Of Africa

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