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Knowledge of Self

Min. Farrakhan Speaks!

All in that area called the Garden of Eden, that's
where the original man first started when this planet
was found in its new orbit after the explosion of Moon
from Earth 66 trillion years ago as the Hon. Elijah
Muhammad taught us. So Shabazz was not permitted to
stay in that area so he took his family into the
jungle of East Asia which we now call Africa, to make
a people close to nature. And the Hon. Elijah
Muhammad said, this is the origin of "kinky" hair
because we didn't have "kinky" hair prior to that.
The hair on our head was like the hair on our eye

The hair on your eye brow straight, the hair on your
head is not the same as the hair on your eye brow.
But the hair of every other people is the same as
their eye brow. Your eye brow straight, your hair [on
your head] something different. Wouldn't you like the
hair on your head to be as straight as the hair on
your eyebrow? That's why you are so busy frying
it...Because most of your family of othe rBlck people
on earth, jet Black, they didn't have no broad nose
and thick lips and "kinky" hair. They were
dark-skinned eople, jet Black, but they had straight
hair, thinner lips, a thinner nose. We are marked as
a different kind of Black person and we were rejected
and despised not only from the the circle of th eGods,
but we were despised and rejected by all the other
dark people of the earth. This is why today Black
people with "kinky" hair and broad noses and thick
lips ar rejected in every society. I want you to hear
me well tonight!

Why are we rejected? Because the essence of beauty
is in obedience and submission to God and the essense
of ugliness is when you rebel against God. And when
you rebel agaisnt God, in your rebellion you are
marked with a certain mark of your rebellion; which is
the disfigurement of your external self. And this is
why when you look at our people; whereever we
disfigured on the inside because of rebellion.

[Min. Louis Farrakhan, "Obedience is the Highest Form
of Sacrifice," Muhammad University, Chicago, IL, Oct.
28, 1992]

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