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Re: the music business today...(recording)

Greetings Yout & Diyouth,

I've often struggled with the same questions concerning the music busniness - and quite alot recently. Here is something that came to I in a book of Zen (about recording). I found it very helpful and the lesson could apply to many other areas of life as well.

'A record is simply that: a document of a moment in time. As such, it can be quickly discarded, or last through the ages.

What a record contains is your spirit---your soul, your energy, your emotion, your thoughts, your passion, your sorrow, your rhythm, your sensibility, your strength, your weakness---the very breath of your life. Like a genie, your Spirit in that moment is bottled forever, to be let loose again and again by anyone who so desires.

Some recordings contain a Spirit so deep and profound they reward endless listening. These recordings actually change people's lives---people the artist never sees or knows, years after the artist's death. Such an experience can lead future generations to find the Way.

Carry the Spirit of recording to anything that documents your life: diaries, paintings, photographs, writings, the house you built, the essays you write. Theses records are a message from the past to the future. What do you want them to say about yourself? Will they inspire those yet unborn?

Consider this deeply before you commit yourself to record. Then, when the red recording light goes on, be in it with your whole self.'

+))(((Zen Guitar - Philip Toshio Sudo)))((+

One Soul and thanks for the good reasoning, Heather

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