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Re: the music business today...
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...yes, give thanks, yeah

well the way I see it is that u have music, and then u have what distrabutes or markets the music.
yes their is alot of foolish things that are happening within the industry, but if u have your priorities straight it will never reach your head...the thing to understand is that no one wants to just step on somebody else or badmind them but people jus want to secure their own place in the buisness...wether its the promoters who only put on dances with the artists that is on their label, or selecters who only buy or play a certain type of music...many forfit themselves jus to keep themself in the buisness...

another thing to keep in mind is to humble and satisfied...alot of artist when they know they can get a certain amount of money settle for nothing less. And if someone gives them less they say someone is trying to put them down. Likewise if your song is only played locally be satisfied as if its played world wide, or else u will be fustrated. People are trying to grow too quick wanting to be big and don't develop a mentality yet to maintain that lifestyle...

the bottom line is that the only thing that is going to give u happiness in making music, or in the music indusrty, is the love u have for the music...that is the only thing thats going to keep u awake when u know u would have been sleeping on the other side of the world where its sleep time...

yes when u love your own music like anything else that u have in abundance u want to give it...when it's all said and done, the peoples joy is your inheritance[Sizzla Kalonji]

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