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8. Last Words .... [OMEGA]

8. Last Words ... [Omega] Wednesday, 23rd January 2002

The days of drama are about to start, the wars are set up for The Last Crusade of the last empire of the Gentiles. So, I leave these messages for everyone to read and make use of. Everything that goes on from now is an important factor to your future eternity. The book of Revelation is open, meaning, the time is now.

After the abomination(s) that cause desolation are set up there will be 1,290 days until the appointed time of The End. The beast (a man from the past) that comes up from the abyss will fulfil this part of the prophecy. He will lead the last crusade for Europe's (Roman Catholic) control of the world before he hands over the control to America's leader (false prophet, Nas) whose name adds up to 666 (Revelation 13:11). The 1,290 days is the hour of trial, to test everyone's Faith and Patience. - Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

As the last empire, the Roman Catholic Church is the enemy of Jesus Christ and of all True Christians. The Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, all this church does is exploit his name for their own gains. The fourth beast that Daniel saw (Daniel 7:7) is the dragon with seven heads and ten horns described in Revelation 12 and 13, and this is the empire that will make war with Jesus Christ when he returns. Their last formation is as Satan's soul-wrecking machine, which will be used to take as many souls as possible to the Eternal Fire; everyone that conforms to this empire's laws will receive a judgement of eternal damnation. Deceit and Fear will be Satan's last games and going to the Eternal Fire will be made easy for all that choose to take that route; first-class tickets will be issued.

[ The crusades of the Catholic church are done in the name of Jesus Christ and Christianity, but they lie in his name. Jesus Christ has no connection with the Roman Catholic Church or what they practice, all they do is use Christ's name to lure innocent souls to their doom. The Catholic Church has been one of Satan's best disguises, he will use this church's influence to deceive the world if you let him. ]

Jesus Christ's warning, Matthew 24. When asked by his disciples what the signs of the end of the age would be the first thing he said was to be careful that no-one deceives you, that many men will come saying that they are Christ, and that they will deceive many. The implication of this warning is that the word of God reigns supreme, meaning, learn the word of God and make sure you understand it, store the messages about the prophecy in your heart for you to live by. If you do that you will avoid being deceived. Realise, the old testament is the foundation of the New Testaments.
In this time Satan will use all his tools to his advantage, everything that we have grown to trust or listen to will be used for his purpose, these are his last days and this is his final rebellion, and he's going all out, he has nothing to lose but believes he will gain. He will use his churches, his media, his stars (music and films), he will use anyone that is considered influential to anyone whether young or old. To be deceived means you put the words of men before the words of God, in other words you chose to listen to men instead of God. Many will be deceived and they all have the same thing in common. Don't expect any of Satan's team to admit to you the truth because that's not how it works, it will be by fooling people first and if that doesn't work then he plans on scaring people that can be scared.
Learn the messages of the prophecy in advance and do not assume that Bibles will always be around. When Jesus Christ returns you will not need to be told because all eyes will see him at once, that means you will know for yourself. After the wars and after God's anger towards Earth's inhabitants the sign of Jesus Christ's return will be shown to Earth's inhabitants.

[ After the great river Euphrates is dried up the demons that perform miracles will come from the mouths of Satan and the two beasts, they go to gather the kings of the world for the last battle at Armageddon. At that time they will aim to deceive many by performing miracles through other men that will claim that they are Christ returned, and at that time I expect that everyone on Earth, the elect and all survivors of the tribulation will be expectant of Christ's return because of many signs, but still wait because when the King returns you will not need to be told, his entrance will be a grand entrance like no other. ]

Until Jesus Christ returns it is all-out warfare for true Christians, until places of safety can be found. I suggest that if an opportunity arises for you to leave America or Europe that you take it and go to Israel and the parts of Africa that are close to Israel, that is where the 144,000 will be heading and that is where the two witnesses will prophesy for 42 months. The desolate and devastated regions will be the safest places to be in, especially in the deserts. Until rest is found each man and woman must decide whether they will be criminals/ enemies of the state/ "terrorists"/ Outlaws/ rebels/ soldiers of God [saved] or become sinful citizens of the 'New World' [damned]. [Prudence is based on wisdom, and the start of wisdom is the fear of God.]

"My mama used to tell me, if you can't find something to live then you best find something to die for ..." - Tupac Amaru Shakur [Elijah]

At the Lamb's wedding supper every Saint has a story to tell, what will yours be? - Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb.

The Good Die Young, [Death Before Dishonour (Psalm 23)]

Omokhodion David Udebhulu also known as 'Young' Selassie

A Happy Ending. 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel and a Great Multitude that no-one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language on Earth all make it to the Good Life, a Comfortable eternity governed by Peace & Righteousness. All those people are on Earth right now. Every time you read one of my letters know that you are reading the words of one of the biggest fans of the Happy Ending and what it means. For now the truth must be scattered as far as possible, especially about the Roman Catholic Church (last empire), there is no-one unworthy of knowing the truth, Jesus Christ is a light for the world [Matthew 22]; everyone that follows Jesus Christ gains Eternal Life. Jesus Christ is the only Saviour, the one begotten Son of God, and the only man that has lived without sinning. To hate Jesus Christ is to Love death.

When John the Baptist was beheaded, his soul was raptured to be back in Heaven, so that when Jesus transfigured on the Mountain (Matthew 17) Elijah was there. Jesus Christ commands the rapture(s) with the authority of his Father. John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah.

At the end of TIME Eternity sits patiently; the eternal Comfort and the eternal fire are both smiling. Think about where you want to be and make sure you take the correct route to get there. Be as humble as young children for the truth, and be patient, the best things come to those who wait. Be strong and stay focused on your goals, things will be tough at first but they will get easier, be strong especially whilst things are hard. Things will get easier because God is going to destroy this "world"; the curse from the bloodshed of all the innocent: every Prophet, every Saint and every Righteous person killed from the past till now and for these last days, all of that bloodshed lays on this "world"; the cup of God's anger that will be shared with everyone that chooses to taste it.

"Always remember that Life itself is a blessing, do not waste it, use it to secure yourself a Comfortable Eternity, use it to repent, and use it to please God. Once you die you can only look back and wish that you had done certain things, but your book will have been closed by then. Use your Lifetime wisely." - Angela M. / David

2 Peter
[The 144,000 and their redeeming is a part of the fulfilment of the prophecies written in Jeremiah chapters 30 & 31, the restoration of Israel.]
['Waking Up', looking around, and then not knowing which of my "friends" I could trust has to rank as one of if not the most discomforting experiences of my mind's stress; knowing that one of my "friends" will be my assassin. The Love of money is the root to all evil.]

8th September 1977 publishing

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