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Re: Menelik was King of Kings too

Thank You for bringing those truths to the table, it helps to make my point that much clearer. My point being that Selassie I is the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, not by the crown of men but by the crown of his Father, Our Father, JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

Tomorrow any clown can make up a title calling himself anything, and don't be surprised if you hear it, but just understand that the "Coronation" is significant but not that significant because it is by men. The truth is that Selassie I is the KING of Kings off of instinct, just by his very being, he doesn't need to be ackonowledged by men as that Title, he simply is what he is, and that is the KING of Kings, which really means God. And that's why when it says that the Lamb overcomes the ten horns BECAUSE he is the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords .... meaning God Almighty.

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Selassie was KING of Kings before the Coronation
Re: Menelik was King of Kings too
Re: Menelik was King of Kings too

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