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Re: Rasta Queen Mother Moore and More

Jah Love! Here is some more information about the Fihankra mentioned in the prior post that was placed on the African Burial Ground In NY by City Hall on Wallstreet on Marcus Garvey's Earthday 2001,
A Local Bredren, Ras
Sky who recently traveled Ethiopia-Ghana, told InI about the
Reparations movement in Ghana, the downpressers, the leaders,
the "whites" of this world, need to pay heed to this crucial I-
sample, and follow suit with reparations, it shouldn't even take an I-
sample to do so. FIHANKRA ~On December 9th, 1994 a Historical
ceremony was conducted In Ghana, West Africa to Atone for the
participation of those past traditional rulers who helped to sustain
the trans-atlantic slave trade, first initiated by European powers in
the 15th Century. The Atonement ceremony consisted of the customary
purification of a carved stool (seat) and specifically prepared skin
of an animal. Stool and Skin were customarily named Fihankra, which
literally translated means: When Leaving Home Good-byes could not be
said. At this time there is a Ghana Law expected to be passed giving
dual citzinship to Africans of Diaspora and Ghanians who gave up
their African Citzenship for American citzinship will be able to get
back their Ghana citzenship, and I also hear of land being set a
side...the contact bredren is
Nana Kwadwo O. Akpan
Chief and Custodian of the Stool and Skin of Fihankra

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