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Rasta Queen Mother Moore and More

Excerpts from IRSGroups@yahoo.com on a Great Woman

I apologize for yet another post that should of been included in I
last. I also today Icieved an email from Dr. Blakely's son stating
the email address which can be linked with through her son to her is
One Jah Love!

In IRSGroup@y..., "Barbara Blake-Hannah" emaskel@h...>; wrote:
Blessings Brother Burnet Sealy,
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all that great information about Queen
Mother Moore. It needs to be shared to a wider community and I will
see to that. I would like to include Dr. Blakely in our Launch.
Please follow up this communication and assist in having her fully participate in the launch.You may share the Reparations Document with
her and let her know that the launch will take place on radio and
that she can participate by telephone. It would be good for her to
share some of this history about Queen Mother Moore on air at the
launch. Honouring Queen Mother Moore honours our ancestors. She is a
direct connection with Marcus Garvey. In our honouring of Pan
African heroes, let us not forget the HEROINES -- of whom she is one.
----- Original Message -----
From: Burnet Sealy
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 9:26 AM
To: IRSGroup@y...
Subject: Re: [IRSGroup] Re: Drop the Debt movement


Blessings Sister, for this informative mail. Queen Mother Moore
holds a special place in I heart, and I know her life struggle/work was the
upliftment of the Black nation, by demanding reparations. Her
spirit is
definitely with this group, guiding InI footsteps.

Let JAH be praised!

Sis. Sera'el

From: "isisrastafari" ;
Reply-To: IRSGroup@y...
To: IRSGroup@y...
Blessed Love to All Members of the IRS Group!
The information that I about to share with the fellow members of
group maybe well known knowledge to some, I am very young in this
movement and I am learning as I am searching to be an active worker
in this group. Please clarify any points I miss or ask I for any
clarification of what I am putting forward if it is not clear in my
writing, English was one of my bad subjects in school so sometimes
the words do not come easily for me to translate.
Dear Sis Sera'el and Sis Makeda, it is so very timely that the I's
ask about the works of Queen Mother Moore. I being in the U.S.
started looking for information via the web about Queen Mother
I found an informative narrative essay about her here

I also found it of great interest that she was born in Louisianna,
as that is where I now reside. I also found a link to a site
containing a short audio clip of Mother Moore speaking about Marcus Garvey Speaking in New Orleans.


From there I also linked with an article

of whom Marie Roberts is the author of, at the bottom of the page
her email address, I emailed her in search of any of Queen Mother Moore's Writings. She then informed me of a person who may be able
to help Dr. Delois Blakely. This morning I called Dr. Blakely, I had
no idea who I was calling, just hoping that she knows where InI can access the Queen Mother's Writings. It was as though she was expecting such call, I introduced I-self and said I was a member of the International Reparations Support Group. She immediately told
me she needs to get into contact with you Lord Anthony Gifford, she summoned your name before I even stated the names of the
participants of JARM. She told I that Queen Mother Moore Instructed her that
Lord Anthony Gifford is an attorney she has to work with in this
movement. I then informed her that Lord Anthony Gifford is a member of the
IRS Group. Mr. Gifford she said it is very important that you all link up. She also asked me to pass on information about a cloth that
your wife gave to Queen Mother Moore, that cloth was placed on Winnie Mandela's head and there it so resides. Dr.Blakely went on to tell
I that she has worked with Queen Mother Moore for 20 years and is
given the duty to carry on the legacy of Queen Mother Moore(she met Queen Mother Moore at the UN), commissioned by the Queen Mother her-self.
She also told I that Queen Mother Moore sanctioned Winnie Mandela
as the Blood Line and Rita Marley as the Life Line. Dr. Blakely has
all the documentation of Queen Mother Moore's Works. She traveled
vastly with the Queen Mother, stating how Queen Mother Moore was at the UN continuously ,that was her workbench, even when wheel chair bound.
Dr. Blakely says she is representation of Garvey and Moore. She Traveled with Queen Mother Moore to the OAU and invoked the name of Garvey there, she also stated that they were trying to get Sarah Grant (One of Marcus Garvey's Nurses) to come along but she was in her 100's at the time and too frail to travel. At the OAU they put Reparations and Repatriation on the table. She also told I it is PIVITOL the role of Jamaica in this movement. The groundwork of Mother Moore was done in JA. She tells I that Mother Moore and her met with Seaga in JA, he made sure they linked with everyone they were needing to link with. There was also a meeting with the
Nigerian Gov't and Jamaica that Mother Moore and her attended. She told I
that Manley was not as helpful and denied for a time of letting the Nyahbingi Rastas in to the Conference. Queen Mother Moore would not step one foot into the door until the Rastas were allowed in. A sister by the name of Sister Sandra set up the meeting. She also
told me that Queen Mother Moore the founder of N'Cobra told N'Cobra they had to be more International. She also told I that Julius Sirau
(sp?) is her Father and he is named the Father of Africa. She also told I that it is important that the Reggae group Third World is brought forward again into the Movement. Dr. Blakely says the Mantel was passed to her by Queen Mother Moore, as she now carries on the
Legacy of the Queen Mother, She has been crowned as such by the present Ashanti King and has one more meeting(training) to go to have the same appointment by the Queen(only a queen can learn from a queen).
She tells I of how she was an active participant in the Millennium Forum at the UN. She told me the NGO's of Africa and the Caribbean said they needed her help, she stated that she needs their help
first and that she would only speak on one thing Reparations and Repatriation, they told her to submit a paragraph to included in
the official declaration. She said she wrote the paragraph and then the spirit of the ancestors spoke to her telling her to make it one sentence. She did Reparations and Repatriations and to whom it is owned. This was thus forwarded into the official declaration forwarded thus to the Member States at the Millennium Conference, under her watchful eyes she watched them type it to assure it was
not left out. She then left the UN and was walking down the street and
on the corner of 42nd and 7th street there was some brothers beating drums, she told them to beat on, they are beating the drums for
Queen Mother Moore and REPARATIONS IS IN!
She tells I of how on Marcus Garvey Earthday this last year, 2001 that the King of Ghana came to New York City with the Fihankra ,
in a ceremony the stool was placed on the African Burial Ground by city hall on Wallstreet. I also sight the irony of how less than a month later what happens to the World Trade Center! She tells I that the spirit of Gavey and Mother Moore would not let her leave to go the World Conference on Racism in Durban, SA. She said the Diaspora is here and that is where the conference needs to be. She spent the summer at the UN, usually she leaves. She spent the summer lobbying at the UN. She said that Kofi Annan(who calls her Queen Mother) has called for a Reparations Conference in 2003. Which brings InI up to date, she was called this past Saturday by the UN to facilitate a workshop on Reparations, she then stated she is going to do it with the Foundation of Queen Mother Moore's Works as the focus. This workshop is to be held this coming Feb. 21st-24th at the UN N.Y., this workshop is to be a call for the future forum leading up to
the Reparations Conference in 2003. She said it is Imperative that the IRS group be a participant of this workshop. Are there any members
of this group who reside in New York or who could travel who could participate? I know of two progressive sisters I have met online
who reside in New York, maybe they could be asked to attended, Empress Fiyah and NyahQueen? She also asked for a copy of the Reparations Document compiled for the launching of JARM. If it is ok with the group I will definitely send her a copy. She also said she would
love to be at the upcoming launching of JARM and asked if there is
anyone who could send for her? Once again she states its is a pivotal role that Jamaica plays in this movement, as the groundwork of Mother Moore's work was first laid in JA and her last visit was to JA
also. Some of the list of works and recognition to Queen Mother Blakely
Recognition in Zambia and Namibia
Connections with Dr. Leon Sulivan, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Dorthy, Bill and Hillary Clinton(She worked Hillary when Bill was in the White House on a number of Women's Issues),Solace Muhammad, the current Bush administration, Marie Robertson team, Mike Bloomberg current
NY Mayor Advised by the Geneva Human Rights Group
Currently working with a new city council member of NY, Chaz, on a Reparations Bill, on Jan 2nd there was a libation held at his inaugural, and she states city hall will never be the same. Named Community Mayor of Harlem. Named Queen Mother of All African Peoples in North America by
Nigeria Gov't
Adopted by Alex Haley's Family, named Kinteh
Blessed by Senegal
Held a Ceremony at the Middle Passage
Spent 3 days and 3 nights on water alone in the dungeons in Ghana
by the instruction of the spirit of the ancestors would not let her leave Ghana until this was fulfilled. Spearheading her local non-profit group New Future Foundation with the focus of helping homeless, disabled, and foster care youths. The Spirit of Marcus Garvey was passed to her from Sarah Grant to Itinue forwarding this Movement. Queen Mother Moore directly commissioned her to Forward on in her legacy.
I asked her to come to this board, she said her son is the one who accesses the computers, she said she is going to have him send me
an email address. She would like for you Makeda and Lord Anthony
Gifford to contact her ASAP.
Dr. Delois Blakely
477 W. 142 St.
Suite #2
New York, NY
(212)862-0080 fax(212)862-4149
As soon as I get the email address I will forward it also and also forward to her likewise the email to the IRSGroup. I also found a brief article about her in the Light of the Community Mayor of Harlem.

Jah Bless!
Just-Full Ites!
In IRSGroup@y..., "Barbara Blake-Hannah" emaskel@h...>; wrote:
I have found a mail address for Drop the Debt and will write
I knew Queen Mother Moore, but do not yet know how to access her writings. Perhaps one of our IRSGroup members in the USA can help

----- Original Message ----- From: Burnet Sealy
Subject: Re: [IRSGroup] Drop the Debt movement

Greetings Sister Makeda,

First I want to express thanks for information disseminated through this group. The different views on reparations and the state of the Black world has been enlightening. Give thanks!
The question posed as to whether Reparations Committees and DroptheDebt
Organisations work together to strengthen their power is indeed important.
My humble opinion is yes, since as part of the reparations package, the economic condition of the Black World is high on the agenda. I see these works(DroptheDebt and Reparations Cttee.) going hand in hand.
Also Sis, I've been thinking alot about Queen Mother Moore's
works in the reparations struggle. She presented petitions in the late
1950s charging genocide and demanding reparations to descendants of former slaves. Do you have any way of possibly accessing her documented works in this regard? It might be helpful.

One Perfect Love
Sis. Sera'el

From: "Barbara Blake-Hannah" ;
Hi Stephan,
Thanks for sending us this interesting news. As you can see, Ambassador Thompson has strong views which echo our basic position. However, I think it would be good for the IRSGroup/JaRM to
send a letter to Bono (who has Jamican connections and vacations here often stating our position and informing his of our existence, so that he can
know that the world is watching the outcome, with some support for his philanthropic actions.
I shall be including Ambassador Thompson's comments in that letter, which will copy to our Group.

Drop the Debt movement
This is an article from


U2 frontman Bono is set to lobby African heads of state to
use debt relief to fight Aids and poverty.
A statement issued by the charity Oxfam on Tuesday said the singer would attend the Southern African Development Community
summit in Blantyre, Malawi next week.
It added that Bono would meet with all the 14 regional
leaders attending the summit, called to discuss the war in the
Democratic Republic of Congo and the political crisis in Zimbabwe.
Bono is well-known for campaigning against world debt for the world's poorest countries and for the improvement of trade relations between Africa and the rest of the world.
In 2000, he delivered a petition containing 21.2 million signatures to the UN Millennium Summit, asking them to cancel Third
World debt, as part of the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign. He also made a public appeal to the US Government and
visited the head of the World Bank in Prague.
On his visit to Blantyre, the singer will be accompanied by Harvard University economist Jeffrey Sachs.
Their meetings with the 14 heads of state are scheduled for Monday.
The countries represented by the ministers include Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
The next day, Bono and Mr Sachs will visit Lilongwe, Malawi's administrative capital.
Poverty In Lilongwe, Sachs will present a World Health Organisation report on poverty to the government.
The report states that increased health spending on the
world's poorest people would boost economic development and ease
poverty levels.
Jubilee 2000, a colation of non-tovernmental organistions and religious groups, says huge sums of money are going back to wealth countries instead of feeding and educating children in the
world's poorest nations.
The money was originally borrowed in the 1970s and 1980s,
often badly invested or squandered, and in many cases the loan repayments are far beyond the nations' abilities to repay.
Jubilee has been at the forefront of the campaign.
It has been highly influential, persuading the Group of Eightleading industrial countries to promise to write off $100bn (69bn)
of debt at the Cologne summit in July 1999.
The organisation DroptheDebt said that $100bn was far away
from what they have to cancel, but anyway, you (or the BBC) might see
it as a success. The question is: Should Reparations Commitees and DroptheDebt Organisations work together to strengthen their power?
All comments welcome, especially also Ambassador Dudley
Thompson on the Southern African Development Community meeting (?).

Thank you
One Love


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