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United Snakes of America
In Response To: It Is Judgement - Isaiah 10:6 ()

Hail Rastafari,
I site that the New World Order needs staged chaos in order to usher in their one world order. Let us not forget that Kennedy was assisinated by his own government and it has been covered up from most of the publics eye.
This is to say that my intuition along with historical reference leads I to question who called for the destruction of the twin towers. It is not just Laden. Now Bush is, with the stroke of a pen, preparing the way for the new Inquisition. Paranoia? Just the reality I see from past, present, and what I know Norvus Ordo Seclorum on our dollar bill means for the future of the world--New World Order.
Many stories are coming out about folks knowing of the bombing in advance. Now with fear and patriotism within the United Snakes of America people are blinded with the deceptive security Bush and the poly tics are bringing. The "evil ones" and terrorist specialists are the CIA's actions worldwide. Laden and Bush go way back with strong economic ties.

Seek ye the kingdom of Jah and all things shall be added... Organic seeds are important to collect as patents are now being taken out on seeds by multinational companies. In seeking the Kingdom of Jah let us re-member that which has been dis-membered---a people from their land of inception. The Kingdom dwells within and also in Africa as we all know. May we work cooperatively to further the preparation of a place in Africa for those who choose and are blessed with grace to enter through the gates. May we also support ones not forwarding to Africa to survive off the cyst-ems grid so that lack of food and water will not mean bowing before the beast. Meek\Farmer

His Imperial Majesty says to the youth of Africa: "The legacy, freedom and independence which is yours is also a legacy of courage and devotion. If you are truly worthy of that legacy then from your efforts will come greater unity, greater strength, greater hope and greater accomplishments than generations past have ever dared dream..." 1965

Guidance and Prosperity,

Ras C. Liontree

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