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Isis I,
Even though I&I walk through the valley of shadow of death I&I fear no evil.
Love & Livity to all the nations. In this dispensation of time it is crucial for all the Idren to seek truth and right. As it was written from that time that there shall come many false prophets. Them and those that possess overstanding will not be fooled nor caught off guard, for them and those that come not in Jah name are obvious. They will send a chill through your spine and they are not becoming in the eyes of the righteous. Rastafari in this Iwa leads the way towards righteousness and truth. Icient livity lives in I&I Rastafari.
Ithiopian knowledge of Icient times lives in I&I, is a natural thing, like breathing the air. Truth is like honey, while untruth is like vinegar, to the taste. As I&I sip I&I cup, eyes red, mystical revelation within I&I. Remember Enoch and also Elijah who know not death. So Rastafari knows not death. The ladder of Jacob for I&I to reach that Higher Region. Word Sound & Power to conquer the wicked. The Word that forms in ones mind, the Sound that is created uttering the Word and the Power that manifests itself through Word-Sound. Dreadful shall it be unto the evil ones that follow not Jah. The wolves shall shed their sheep clothing and the shepherd shall recognize them and slay them. Many shall run but cannot find a place of hiding. Judgment shall be dreadful upon them and those who refuse to heed the Word of Rastafari, upon them and those who choose to walk in the tracks of evil. Who shall they be that say on that day: Who is Rastafari? I do not know HIM. On that day there will be no time for excuses for the messengers and prophets have been calling HIS Name for all the nations to hear. Every man and all men have been given their mission, to fulfill is to please Jah, to deny is to deny Jah. Seek the nearness to I&I Heavenly Father now, for He shall appear like a thief in the night, whoe unto them that are not prepared. The Elected One shall stretch forth His hand and those that fulfilled their mission in the truth of Rastafari, shall enter the gates of Zion. Them and those that failed to recognize their mission and failed to comply with their mission will be left out. Do not hesistate, do not waver, for Jah is great. Evil will not affect the righteous, for them and those with overstanding will see that it takes only one Word of the Almighty Jah to destroy all evil, just as it took only one Word to create it, in order for man to have a free mind.
To those people of the oppressing nations that still feel the love of Jah and see the truth of His Majesty, to them and those that feel unsurety after being rebuked and corrected: remember when Iyasus trod the earth and the Sidonian woman asked Him to cure her sick child, Iyasus asked her if He should take the bread from His children and give it to the dogs, as the woman answered that even the dogs will eat the crumbs that fall off the table, Iyasus replied that her faith is great and to return home for her child is cured. Rastafari Livety.
Isis Itinually to the Most High from Creation, Emperor Haile I Selassie I, King of all kings, Lord of all lords, The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Elected One to sit upon King Davids Throne and to rule all the earth. HIM to whom the angels bow, HIM from whom satan flees, HIM whom I&I&I&I praise Itinually.
Just Love, Perfect Love, One Love.
Ras Qabbalah

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