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Yohannis visions a reported translation

Hola Book: Yohannis Vision, chapter 13

(Ethiopian Translation in Iyaric)

An I-man sight up when one Beast proceed from a sea; it had ten horns an seven Heads, an ten crowns pon it horns - an there were a insult name pon it heads. An the beast that I-man sight up would resemble a leopard, an it feet were like unto bear feet, an it mouth like unto a lion mouth. An the Serpent gave it him Power an him throne an great authority. An I-man sight up the
one from it heads bein as it were slaughtered fe death, an the wound that were fe it death were healed. An all Earth were astonied while it followed the Beast, and them bowed fe the Serpent, fe him have given authority fe the
Beast; an them bowed fe the Beast while them told it - 'Who resemble the Beast, or how about who can fight it?'

An it were given a mouth whereby it speak a great thing an a insult, an it were given authority fe work ina forty two months. An it opened it mouth fe insult JAH - an fe insult Him Name an Him lodgin an them who lodge ina Heaven. An it were given that it might fight the Hola ones an that it might vanquish them, an it were given authority pon all tribes an parties an
languages an peoples. An all who live pon Earth shall bow fe it - them whose names were not written ina the slaughtered Sheep Life Book Iginnin from the world Iration. If him live who have a ear mek him hear. If anyone live who
have that him might be capture - mek him go toward captivity; if anyone live who kill by sword it are due him fe be killed by sword. The Hola Ones patience an faith are ina this.

An I-man sight up another beast when it proceeded from Earth, an it had two horns that resemble sheep horns - an it would speak like unto a serpent. An it do all ina the earlier Beast authority before it. An the wound that were
fe it death were healed fe it - it make Earth an them who live pon it bow fe the earlier Beast. An it do great signs up til it even bring down fiyah from heaven before persons. An arisin from the signs given it that it might do before the Beast - it will lead astray them who live pon Earth; an it will tell them who live pon Earth fe mek a image fe the Beast who had a sword wound an lived ina Life. It were given it fe give breath fe the Beast image, that the Beast image even speak an that it cause fe be killed all who don't
bow fe the Beast image. An it will mek likkle an great an rich an poor an masters an slaves all fe receive a sign pon them right hand or pon them
forehead, an it will mek lest anyone without the sign - that have the Beast name or it name number - be able fe buy nor sell. Wisdom are ina this. Mek him who have a mind count the Beast number; fe it number are a person number,
an it number are six hundred sixty six.

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Yohannis visions a reported translation
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