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Black people Black People Arise And Shine

The Words of Leonard Percival Howell aka G.G. Maragh The First Announcer of The RasTafari Faith

Black people, Black people arise and shine for the light has come and the glory of the king of Kings is now risen upon thee. Let not the preachers of the white man's doctrine persuade you to turn your back against H.M. Ras Tafari the Lord God of israel. Every man was created for the earth in order that he might hve and enjoy the fullness of the richness of the Earth.
The white man's doctrine has forced the black man to forsake silver and gold and seek Heaven after death. It has brought us to live in disgrace and die in dishonor. Now we the black man have found out that their doctrine was only a trick, and all their intention was to make themselves strong and to fool the black man.
As I G.G. Maragh speak unto you, this is a very serious affair and must not be forsaken. The wise black man, woman and children gaining knowledge diligently toward the truth of H.M. Ras Tafari Kingdom must be had before one could possibly receive the truth, for he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, therefore he is earth's rightful ruler. In this name alone will the black people receive happiness. His throne is forever and ever and a Scepter of righteousness is the scepter of his Kingdom. Woe be unto the preacher of the white man's doctrine a hypocrisy or devil worship. There are millions of persons of good will who see the cruel unjust and wicked things done in the Church organizations in the name of God. It is the will of H.M. Ras Tafari that such persons of good will may have an opportunity to get knowledge of truth. May I state that all reasonable persons who hear the truth should readily see that the Pope of Rome and his preachers are Ras Tafari who is the Lord God of Israel's great oposer and greatest enemy. Persons of good will to the Kingdom of H.I.M. will live forever. The others will remain dead forever.
Woe be unto them that forsaketh H.M. Ras Tafari as being God Almighty, they shall be cast into hell both body and soul.
Peace Be Unto You, Peace Be Unto You

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