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ALL WHO SEEK TO BECOME ACTIVE MEMBERS/MINISTERS OF LOJ may join by sending blank e-mail to: loj-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


LOOK at All thats going on in the world right now. Its crazy! Yet, RASTAFARI IS THE ONLY SANITY!! and thus, the REAL REALITY! You see, if it was up to ini this whole place would be different. So, we'll have to speak to Momma Nature and see if She can Nurture some Vibes/vibrations for us. Seems crazy now yet it will make sense later. You know what the good book says - THE LORD DOESN'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS HE FIRST SHOWS HIS BELOVED ONES.... hahahaha!

So, whats new?? How's the family? Are you being affected/effected by the Terrorism sh*t that going on? I know of many ones who have. I don't know them directly yet since we are all AFRICANS - BABYLON MAKES US ALL SUSPECT!! Ya know!? Are ya still in school? Which state? Am I asking tooo many questions?? Well, I think its been too long still. Well, AS INI LIVE INI WILL KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE I... please do your part, stay in touch!!

Got some new works/groups and web pages that LOJ (Lion Of Juda - our non-profit int'l org.) is doing. LOJ would like to get more of your support and activeness in these works. Do you have a mind and an awareness? THEREFORE, you must use what ya got or ya loose! So, these times may seem really scary and all thats humanely possible isn't probable.... yet, we ancient-modern africans don't and won't let that stop us.

THIS IS THE REASON WHY I am calling on those who I have known and who seem to be... how shall ini say?? REAL to come and work with ini via "internet" (at the present) and to rally the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS to more lofty and worthwhile unity and cooperation. EDUCATION IS THE KEY and we all have something to SHARE!! Thats like my motto - WE WILL BE KNOW BY HOW MUCH LOVE WE HAVE FOR ONE ANOTHER! Simply that! Now our "love" or "luv" if ya please must MANIFEST by our working to build those causes and issues that effect/affect all of our lives.

Otherwise, we are just sitting by the wayside and looking. Just "watching & gazing" won't get us anywhere while our enemies terrorize us - the Daughters and Sons of MOTHER AFRICA.

LOJ & I Ras Iadonis have been MAKING MUSIC & CDs with my recordings and those of LOJ to promote LEARNING AMHARIC, ETHIO-REGGAE and AFRO-DANCEHALL works. LOJ is seeking to establish markets as well as schools/educational & learning centers - society houses of LOJ nationwide & globally. WE ALL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Mainly our focus is on what we, with all of our collective education and experience, can and must do to LIVE not just "survive". Yet, SURVIVAL IS NECESSARY so LOJ's as well as my personal motto is SELF & ECONOMICS!! By Economics I mean ways that we can use the InterNet to make money while at the same time PROMOTE OUR CAUSE and more HARMONY AMONGST OUR GREAT PEOPLES!!

Many say that its impossible, this "Unity" or even "INITY" that we speak. To some there is "no hope". However, WE ARE NOT "hopeless" and challenge what others say especially seeing the world and human life in such a state and in such sh*tuations. Ya know what I mean? Am I saying too much? Well, I will not go on till I hear from you and read your response. I trust you people to make the RIGHT CHOICE!!! LOJ & RASTAFARI IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!!! If you feel yourself "untrustworthy" then let me know. However, I think that about the BASICS and the FUNDAMENTALS we are agreed....

PRESENTLY, what can we do? What must be done? It may be little or it may be big... WE JUST CYANT SIT ASIDE AND STARE while matters get worse.


ALL WHO SEEK TO BECOME ACTIVE MEMBERS/MINISTERS OF LOJ may join by sending blank e-mail to: loj-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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