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Livicated to Tafari, Sun of Kaya I

I know ya been waitin a minute, I just get the vibes last night to write that ting... I hope ya like it...

[CHORUS] If de only shoes you have is jus some beaten-up bata
Practice yu kata, paractice yu kata
If yu pockets is empty, yo, it do' matta
Paractice yu kata, gwaan an paractice yu kata
Some will want to put yu down and some will want to flatter
Practice yu kata, gwaan an practice yu kata
A house built on a solid foundation won't shatter
Practice yu kata, parctice yu kata

Well from de white to de yellow to de black and de blue
Different colors of de spectrum dat you a go pass through
Every one has its purpose, every one has its place
JAH know they couldn't keep IanI outta de race
So gwaan an do your pushups cos a so you get strong
Gwaan an do de right and fight against wrong
Eat yu vegetables and do' eat no cow's tongue
Give thanks for every breath that you inhale in yu lung

If de only shoes yu have...[repeat chorus]

Do' bodda wid no lucky charm, neither no mojo
Jus practice yu kata down inna de dojo
SO you would know how to deflect any angle a blow
Wedda it comin fast or wedda it comin slo-mo
De yout name Tafari a nuh no average joe
You ain't seen nothing yet cos he still got more to grow
Youts of today, de elders of tomorrow
So mek we wipe away alla de tears of sorrow...

[repeat chorus]... well yu could mek up more verses from there, seen! To de yout Tafari and e mudda, big up yuselves, JAH love and blessings always.

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