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Mark of the Beast Card?

The Lord of Hosts is Almighty, King Rastafari is His Only Begotten Son.

Blessings, everybody, lets have a discussion on this topic.

I know the "mark of the beast" might already be happening, so many people brainwashed by the President, Bush, but remember what it says in Revelation, that we will make it to where you cannot buy nor sell, without the chip, and I know that these "smart-cards", cards with chips storing alot of electronic information, including your dna, do you all believe that once these cards will become nation wide, that this will in fact be the mark of the beast?

Or do you all believe that its already here, and nothing to worry about? There is nothing to worry about, because JAH is with us, but there will be a point, where we will have to accept some corruption in order to move forward.

Alot of Christian martyrs, used to get tortured by the Governors and Mayors, and Presidents of countries because they wouldnt bow down in order to live. Some got killed for not burning incense on top of alters, some for not eating pork, some for now workshipping idols, and this is the new generation, namely, REVELATION, and people got slain in Revelation, for not bowing down to the beast.

Who's ready to die and go to heaven for a good cause?

I am.

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