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to ALL I's pon dis board


Lord I will follow thee but ...Luke chapter 9
suppose Jah tell yah to do someting which is an enormous test..to yah common sense, what are yah gwan do? Hang back? if yah get into de habit of doing a ting in de physical domain you will do it every time until yah break the habit determinedly, an de same is true spiritually. Again and again you will get up to wha Jesus want an every time yah will tun back, whan it come to de point, until yah abandon resolutely..Yes, but suppose me do obey God in dis matter, wha bout....Yes I will obey God if Him will let I use I common sense, but nah ask me to tek a step inna de dark..Christ demands of de man who trust Him de same reckless spirit dat de natural man exhibit, if a man gwan do any ting worth while, dere are times whan him haffi risk everyting pon him leap, an in de spiritual domain Jesus demand dat yah risk every ting you hold by common sense, and leap into wha Him seh, an immediately yah do, yah find dat wha He seh fit on as solidly as common sense..at de bar of common sense, Christ statement may seem mad, but bring dem to de bar of FAITH, an yah begin fe find wit AWE, an spirit dat deh are de words of God..TRUST ENTIRELY IN GOD AN WHAN HE BRINGS YAH TO DE VENTURE, SEE DAT YAH TEK IT..IF WE BELIEF IN GOD, DEN WE SHOULD ACT IT, AN BE DARING ENUFF TO BANK PON INI FAITH IN DE CHARACTER OF GOD..
kaya I..fe de one Oswald Chambers, in My Utmost for His Highest

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to ALL I's pon dis board
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