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New Info on Upcoming Rasta Conferences

Greetings Bredrins and Sistrens:

Give thanks and praises to the Almighty Jah for InI blessing in InI struggle to unite.

Today I received email from the Caribbean Rastafari Organization (CRO) 8th annual conference that will be held on May 23 to May 29, in St. Martin with an agenda of Solidarity.

I send CRO an email requesting that their house send a representative to InI conference in Panama and likewise InI in Panama will send a representative to St. Martin CRO conference. Rasta in Panama and Spanish speaking countries needs the support of InI from abroad to expand solidarity to all Afrikans in the diaspora because they lack the knowledge of InI Afrikans story.

Back to Panama conference, several Rasta groups and individuals made suggestion to incorporate the following to Rasta Agenda on the Panama conference program. They are as follows:
1. Ras Junior Johnson from RCO, Jamaica, suggest that a International Rastafari Youth Policy be establish for youth age 0 to 24.
2. Ras Panter from Colombia, suggest that coordination should be establish to translate Rastafari literature from English to Spanish. The need to know about InI story is not available in Spanish.
3. Ras Ira Imbert from EWF, Jamaica suggest that organic agricultue and trade be part of InI reasoning.

InI know that unity is priority in the mind of Rastafari globally- Panama and now Solidarity conferences are taking action to bring InI into one fold.
Panama conference is written in a book titled A United States of Africa, edited by Eddy Maloka, published by Africa Institute of South Africa. In the conclusion of Rastafari Diasporic Practice, Globalisation, and the African Renaissance, Panama conference is mentioned. So InI can make this book prophecy a reality. CRO conference is a must and so is Panama conference.

A little history of Panama, the year 2002 will make it 500 years since Cristobal Come bust us arrived on the shores of Portobelo for the 1st time.
Panama is the land where Spain established the 1st township on firm Land, Bayano, King of the maroons of the whole colonies of Spain, who almost made the entire colonial system collapse but was trick when a treaty was not honored by Spain. This event was the 1st signing of a treaty for liberation by Colonial Spain and a Afrikan in America. The greatest amount of capital to purchase the first ship for the Black Star Liner came from Afro in Panama.

“Never trade a continent for an island”
More time, One love Ras Sela
For initial information on Panama conference, please check Rastafari Speak bulletin.

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