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Who gets promoted?
In Response To: Aisha ()

The fact that Whites get easier access to big media gives them an advantage. It is far to easy for ordinary people to say something and then it ends up in a book with some misinformed White person sitting on Oprah as if they thought out the ideas for themselves. They never say where they got the ideas. This dishonesty feeds the illusion that the world was in Ignorance until whites said something.

Many Africans have explained the same issues in that article time and time again and they have gone unrecognized in favour of a White person repeating it.

You could continue engaging the tough issues, learn from people like her, eventually write your own thesis and promote yourself. (Just a suggestion.)

I found the article through the raceandhistory link to the top of this board in the historical views archive. There are other similar articles there.

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Who gets promoted?

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