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8th Caribbean Rastafari Organization Conference

The Solidarity Rastafari Organization wishes to inform all invited Guests or Delegates about the present situation in coming to St Martin.

Here in this French ruling Caribbean Island it is strict in dealing with immigration. You need to file for a 10 days visa from the embassy in your Island.

Taking into consideration the seriousness of the matter I and I inform one/ones, that entering the airport customs will require you present an Address for staying on the French Side of the Island, and a Visa for sojourning on the French Side of the Island.

Seeing also that all invited delegates and the various representatives from each Island and Organ will be making the trod to Anguilla , for the Conference, and in returning from Anguilla, the French Custom will demand you show him your Visa. That will permit you and your delegation a legal stay in the Island.

This goes for all English speaking Caribbean Country or Island, with the exception of Anguilla and all those with American nationality.

File for your Visa in advance, take along with you the letter of invitation, that will be send to you and your Organization from the St Martin / Anguilla Rastafari Organization working Committee.

All Delegates, Houses or Mansions wishing to participate in the
8th Caribbean Rastafari Organization Conference must confirm before the 15th of May in order to be registered. We request 40,-- USD (100,-- E.C.) per delegate in order to offset the cost of housing the International Gathering. This could be also offset with contributions of Ital Food and other means that we will be using on a daily basis.

If you need to communicate please call :

Cell : (int. prefix) 590 690 34 34 41
Phone:(int. prefix) 590 590 29 06 05
Fax : (int. prefix) 590 590 87 14 96
or e-mail us at solidarity@wanadoo.fr

As to coordinate this effort may the Blessings and Guidance of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I be with de I dem.

In closing : we now Hail to our Most High and Supreme Creator for granting us life, strength, courage, faith and the Spirit of will to communicate within I and I Livity.

Multiples of Ises to our King and Redeemer -JAH RASTAFARI HAILE SELASSIE I- to fill you all with His Love, His Fear, and accept your Offers as a Sacrifice and allow I and I Consecration to be accepted in His Hola Sight.


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