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Re: Black Supremacy has a "New" Name

"...response to the threat of global white supremacy..."
Global white supremacy is not a threat, it's a reality.
"Seven seals opened in 1961"
Elabaorate on this please.
"White supremacy"/"Euro supremacy": semantics. Is the word more important than the concept the word refers to?
"The term Black Supremacy could be misinterpreted": True, but so could any other term. To those who don't overstand, InI can explain, with patience, until they get it.
Y'all could use whatever words you want though, but if your purpose is to persuade me to use y'all words instead a mine, you haven't succeeded as yet.
What makes Ras Iadonis different from any other rastaman or woman? (the same question could apply to Gadman or anyone else people look to as a prophet/leader).
Now don't get me wrong star, I ain't tryin to fight against y'all movement. Just a few questions me have seen. I wish y'all success in all endeavors to create a better world for InI African people, and all people.
Raspek, Peace, Love--- JAH guide

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Black Supremacy has a "New" Name
Re: Black Supremacy has a "New" Name
Eshi, yihun

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