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LOJ_Mission Inc. & Ras Iadonis have taught I that in the past RASTAFARI said "BLACK SUPREMACY" as a response or rather a response-ability to the threat of GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMACY. In addition to that, there are historical and scientific facts which lend credence to the thought of a "superiority" in the ETHIOPIC, i.e. "black" GENEPOOL. Nevertheless, we must not resort to racism and we must not deny the fact that "black" people were taught a teaching of "inferiority". THEREFORE, the response was for the RASTAFARI to look WITHIN THEMSELVES... and they found H.I.M. THE FIRST HAILE SELLASSIE - INI BLACK GOD & KING! We must bear WITNESS to the TRUTH!

Now what INI Priest-King, Ras IADONIS has enlightened those who come and study togather is that we are NOT TO REFER TO INI MOVEMANT as a "black supremacist" movemant in THIS DAY & TIME! With the OPENING & UN-LOOSING of the SEVEN SEALS originally in 1961 and then 30 years/half an hour space later in 1991 by RAS IADONIS, THE SON... we have moved into another dispensation. In fact, this was "official" MARKED by the SOLAR-GALACTIC-PLANETARY ALIGNMENT called the syzygy in 1999-2000, May 5th to be exact. He has explained via the METSHAF QIDDUS/H.I.M.'S BIBLE as well as with great celestial and scientific reference just what this means both in terms of RASTAFARI PROPHECY as well as in terms of what INI as the people of RASTAFARI should/must be about - INI FATHER'S BUSINESS!! Yet, there seems to be so many Rastafari people who call themselves such that don't want to be corrected even if one comes to them as one of them. Even now there are those that fight against the LOJ_MOVEMANT and the Mission of the LOJ out of petty and ego-based reasons. Therefore, ones do not fully comprehend the "I-Teachings". Even when LOJ and INI offer to come and teach ones and ones prefer to speculate and philosophize on what is and what is not a Rasta! WELL, H.I.M. HAS SENT H.I.M. SON WHO HAS RAISED/IS RAISING MORE DAWTAS AND SONS TO KEEP THIS MISSION TO THE GENERATION THAT IS TO COME....

Instead of saying BLACK SUPREMACY we must refer to INI movemant as ETHIOPIC SOVEREIGNITY or at least BLACK SOVEREIGNITY yet as Iadonis has cautioned us - "black" is not a geo-political or scriptural reality in the sense of idenification of a people or a GENEPOOL. Many don't even overstand that what the Bible means in may ways by saying "SEED" refers to GENES that are kept in ORDER. The ETHIOPIC SEED is a COLLECTIVE SEED not just of one, rather MANY BECOME ONE = AMHARA TEACHINGS! Taught and brought to ini overstanding by the LION OF THE AMHARAS, RAS IADONIS... and there's more!

Instead of saying "WHITE SUPREMACY" we should really focus on the REAL TARGET = EURO SUPREMACY. Many know that the uronmano/roman/euro culture is opposite to the East as Night and DAY respectively! Others have recognized the Euro based idea as the RE-EMERGENCE of the BEAST of REVELATION! IADON has showed ini from several years ago now that that is true. Many were still saying that Jamaica was babylon and here was babylon and there.... until Iadonis came and opened their OVERSTANDING BEFORE THE 9-11! Now much of what was ignored or even laughed at is looked at in a very different way. Its really amazing how good RASTAFARIis! I was born in Ethiopia and come to America at the age of 8. I gained much experience in this foreign land. It was amazing to meet someone who REALLY OVERSTANDS THE ETHIOPIA HEART & MIND! Yet, it is very disappointing that so many don't take example or even seek to learn - Didn't H.I.M. say that Education is the Key??

Didn't H.I.M. say that "JUSTICE is a Product of Education"???

If you are interested in JOINING the MISSION and working with the LOJ as a minister/active member -please send a blank e-mail to the following LOJ_OnLine addresses:

Link INI about hosting a get-togather and/or a GROUNATION...

Mimi G.
LOJ_Mission Inc.
Member & Minister

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