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Rastafari Invited to Panama 2002

Greetings Sons and Daugthers of H.I.M Haile Selassie I:

Give thanks and praises in the Divine spirit and teachings of HIS Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Ilect of Jah, Light of the Universe and Earth Rightful Ruler.

InI in Panama invite all houses/mansions and individual Rastafari to Panama 2nd Black History Month in May 2002, to participate in Rastafari 1st conference on Inity, Panama 1st tabernacle installment, National/International Encounter of Black historians, Reasoning on repatriation/reparation issues held at U.N. world conference on racism, etc...in Durban, S. Africa and Reasoning on Rastafari Exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution, Anthropological Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. to be inaugurated on Feb. 6, 2003, Bob Marley Earth day.

InI in Panama will be hosting this conference from May 23 to May 30, 2002. InI will trod to Jamaica in March 30 and 31, to attend Rastafari Centralization Organization (RCO) annual conference to coordinate and make necessary arrangement to trod InI Elders to Panama conference in May. Also, Rastafari in Panama is organizing an excursion to trod to Barbados for the conference on repatriation/reparation which
is schedule for Aug. 28 to Sep. 7, 2002.

InI advise bredrins and sistrens abroad to organize excursions in order to trod to conferences when call by InI separate nation. The cost of travel will be reduce from 20 to 30%, if the excursion consist of 10 or more travellers. InI can check with local travel agent. InI mentioned this traveling strategy because Ini must depend on InI wit and strength to accomplish Rastafari Mission on Earth. InI must not depend on charity or promises from any political body to do Rastafari works.

Rastafari in Panama will have a Resort site Solimar at its disposal for the above mentioned conference. The site is fenced and consist of 12 cabins, 6 with 3 bedrooms and the others with 2 bedrooms. Also, on its grounds there are a swimming pool, volleyball, basketball courts and a shore look out tower with a great panaroma of the pacific ocean and mountain view. The site is located in the province of Panama on the beach of Veracruz outside of Panama city.

InI will set-up accommodation for Rastafari representative from abroad at this site. Transportation and meals will be provided by InI here. Rastafari from abroad just need to forward on and fullfil InI task given by InI Divine Father H.I.M Haile Selassie I to "Centralize and Organize for Afrikaīs Sovereignty".

Bredrins and sistrens with the desire to attend and participate in this conference must register between April 30 to May 10. Registration can be email to I address, by regular mail Carlos A. Seales Pty 4018 P.O. Box 025724 Miami, Fl. 33102. This address is a franchise of mail box etc. located in Panama or call 507-652-2229. InI must state name, title, house/mansion and amount of membbers attending conference. This will allow InI proper time to make arrangement for airport pick-up and lodging accommodation. Non members of rasta house/mansion attending must pay for all travel expense to include hotel stay. However, InI will assist in accommodating InI close to the resort area for less than $15 a day for hotel stay and will pick I up at the airport. Also, will transport InI to conference and back to hotel, meals can be provided while at conference sessions.

Conference Agenda/Itinerary

May 23 Arrival Tocumen airport-pick up and lodging arrangement

May 24 Day Time: Encounter of Nat/Internat. Black Historians conference at Reina Torres de

Arauz, Anthropological Center, located at 5th May Plaza downtown Panama

City Center.

Night Time: Tabernacle Installment

May 25 Day Time: Encounter continue with African Freedom Day Celebration

Closure of Conference

May26 All Day: Rastafari Inity reasoning to be establish by houses/mansions

at Resort Site

May 27 All Day: Reasoning on Repatriation/Reparation issues:

a. debt relief

b. poverty eradication

c. market access

d. agriculture and food security

e. transfer of technology

f. infrastructure development

g. restitution of art objects and artifacts

h. facilitation of welcomed return and resettlement of the descendants of

enslaved Afrikans. I hope that a representative that attended the S. Afrika

conference on racism and was present at reparation conference contact I to

provide more information on these issues or attend this conference.

May 28 All Day amd some R&R: Repatriation/ Reparation continue

May 29 All Day: Trip to Colon City , port of entry of Caribbean Laboures for the construction of the

Panama Canal; Marcus M. Garvey, Leonard Howell, Ras derminite trods.

Portobelo visit and presentation of Kimberly-Colon connection and the Holy Piby

(Atlantic side of Panama).

May 30 All Day: Black Solidarity Day Celebration in Colon City, Afrikan Festival and Inity and

Repatriation/Reparation closure.

Note: InI forwarding to Panama, please do not bring corn or hola herb to Panama. Much herb is here.

A word to the wise, if InI donīt unite now, how can InI receive Jah blessing that the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected, and the infants cared for. Rastafari stand divided and this division makes InI weak and vulnerable to the evils and attacks of Babylon. If InI reprsent the vanguard of "Back to Afrika Struggle" InI must set the standard of Afrikan Unity. The world must know that InI have seen the light of consciousness. One Jah, One Aim, One Destiny.

If victory was achieved at Durban, South Africa at the "U.N. conference on Racism, etc... Where European nations such as France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Canada, Australia, Belgium and Spain acknowledged that slavery and the transatlantic slave trade were appalling tragedies in the history of humanity and are among the major sources of discrimination/racism, and that Africans and people of African descent were the victims of these acts and continue to be victims of their consequences." Ex: from Victory in Durban by David Comissiong , President of Clement Payne Movement and Director of the Commission for Pan African Affairs. This point should stir the fire to Unite InI.

I leave InI with this light from Panama the land where 13 Caribbean Islands send their sons and daugthers to build the 8th wonder of wonder of the world , the Panama Canal. I am a descendant of 4 Caribbean islands. Much Love, Haile Rastafari separate nation, One Heart and More Time, Ras Sela-chant Psalm 68, Jah Rastafari I, Haile Selassie I live forever and ever. Hosanna

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