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Rastafari detractors

.......there would be many as there was in the beginning, oh yes there used to be many Rasta detractors in fact they use to call and they did jail Rastafari first major messenger as a mad man and placed him in an asylum......and so it was that the early Rastafarians persevered through the hate, taunts, aggression and injustice of its persecutors...and Rastafari did survive inspite of all those detractors then.......
......there would be many detractors now, and Rastafari today is not even exposed to half of what those early idren had faced...so if today you face detractors then never ever worry...they have never stopped Rastafari before and they are not going to do so now.
......so continue your work of spreading Rastafari to all corners of the earth and to all nations of the earth. Let no one deter you from your path, each Rasta is responsible for teaching and bringing new idrens to the movement to this for all mankind, this movement for all places and all times ....Rastafari time has come...Rastafari has been getting stronger and stronger to the shock of many...who decry us around the world....but Rastafari has persevered......so big up all Rasta people on this Board and elsewhere.

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Rastafari detractors
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