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The Metu Neter on the WORD & Jesus
In Response To: no one else After Christ... ()

Greetings kaya isesaJah and all!

I posted this on the blackwebportal and it looks as if the information needs to be shared here. Read it and let it sink in before you respond positively OR negatively. It is information that should not be taken lightly, especially by those of us of African descent...

I post this, not to cause strife, but honestly to help shed some light to those of you that have had the plaguing question during the course of your life, “who is Jesus, anyway?” I know that if I have asked it, many others have too. I am extremely passionate about the Most High. And because of that passion and love for the creator, I sometimes get irritated (I’m workin’ on it) when I hear that limited statement, “only son of God.” We hear that statement in one breath and in the next breath we are told that we are “all” children of God. It left me quite confused (and of this, I am most certainly NOT alone). Now, I give thanks for ALKEBULAN KNOWLEDGE for it has helped the “Babylon” within me to FALL (Babylon represents a state confusion…….if ya didn’t know).

So the following points HIT home as soon as I read them, therefore, I quote today from the Metu Neter; The Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation for those that have the ability to utilize the inner ear to hear and the “first” eye to see (this may even get some ah ya’ll to pull the book back off the shelve and give it another read):

Regarding the WORD:

“…….The term ‘person’ coined for this purpose, which literally means ‘through’ (per) and ‘sound’(sona). This insight, which is totally alien to Westerners, would make sense to a present day Dravidian [Blacks of India], or to the ancient Kamitian [Egyptian], as it is a common practice in their religion to teach people how to manifest any personality type through the use of WORDS of power.

“……..St. John’s words are even more provocative. He states in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, that “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was God, and the WORD became flesh and came to dwell among men.” Putting aside the argument that this “word” is Jesus,, we must ask why is he being equated with “a word that is God, and enters flesh?” As for the word being Jesus, there is nothing that he has done that had not been done and taught by Sages before and after him. In fact others have done more, and have given the world a better spiritual system.”

“………the fact that many of the teachings—the Sermon on the Mount, for example—credited to him are thousands of years older than he, and so forth. What is of greatest importance is the fact that in the midst of the attempts to render Jesus a unique individual—the one and only son of God—the authors slip and make Jesus state that all Men will do greater things, in reference to the miracles which were supposed to be the evidence of his divinity, thus revealing his divinity, thus revealing the divinity in all men; the third sphere of the Tree of Life….”

The Gods (Neteru, Orisha, Angels even…., etc.) to the African:

“……..Africans do not ‘anthropomorphize’ their Gods. It is the other way around. That the Gods resemble Man is because Man is made in the likeness of God and the HOST of metaphysical intelligences (Gods) that It has created through which to make and administer the world.”

“…..so-called polytheism is in reality a Systheism; that is, a whole (Supreme God) compounded of several integral parts (gods) acting in concert with each other to fulfill the will of the Whole”

So my point is this: From my clear perspective, there is a discrepancy in the “belief” system regarding a being named Jesus. It does not allow for the individual to realize her TRUE-SELF because of the persistent thought that there has only been one “per” son”, out of AAAAALLLLL the other beings on earth, through which the WORD of God has expressed through. I give thanks for I realize that that type of limitation can NEVER be so.

So ya’ll, be the WORD, live the WORD (and not just from the biblical perspecitve) in everything you do and begin to see glory before your eyes!! OOOOh it’s sweet!!

Glory to the HIGHEST, ya’ll!! Give thanks for the HIERARCHY, the Angelically Cosmic Guides in Creation. Evolve, evolve, evolve…….let your Spirit evolve. Why else do you think you’re here?

kaya isesaJah, I qoute from your original post:
[[dere cyan be NO one NO man come as de last 'avatar'(Avatar=Etymology: Sanskrit 1 : the incarnation of a Hindu deity (as Vishnu)]]

You speak of "Sanskrit" which is the original tounge of the Ancient Dravidians (Blacks of India) and in the Hindu teachings (which is a mix of Dravidian and Aryan religion) it is taught the various levels of consciousness that one can reach in this "in-carnation"; states of consciousness much like that of "Jesus".

[[2 a : an incarnation in human form b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person ]]

We are all incarnations, in human form, of the Most High. Their is NO disputing that or we wouldn't be here.

[[3 : a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity) of Christ... ]]

How can we hear the word "continuing" yet make that "continuing" force STOP with one being and never to continue on in others?! 'Tis absurd!


I assume you are referring to biblical scripture and its been said before and I'll say it again: "The Bible is a VERSION" The bible is the European perspective of Ancient African knowledge, wisdom, teachings and stories. So as an American born African, I seek to acquire the SAME knowledge that our ancestors did, not that of those of an oppressive nature who would use religion and the "bible" against us. Don't get me wrong, the bible is helpful to many, but it also tells us to "divide the word of truth" with a descerning eye (wisdom first spoke of by Africans).

If you desire to KNOW this life from a deeper perspective other than what you've been taught to believe, I suggest, if you have not already, buy the book! THE METU NETER; THE ORACLE OF TEHUTI AND THE EGYPTIAN SYSTEM OF SPIRITUAL CULTIVATION. Depending on ones level of Spiritual Evolution, it is truly transforming.

Always in ultimate love


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