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Rastas Response to Reparations

Dear Ambassador Thompson, Barbara, and members of the group,
thank you for your replies.

I surely agree that also if we may connect to other groups which,
partly, have the same views, the Reparations movements should be
focused on its own plans.
Some ethnologists also think that African states and people
have to find their own way (additionally to the Reparations and
dropping the debt) and build the infrastructure and houses themselves
with support.

One question is: how does Rasta educate if he has the possibility?
Religion maybe, Positivity, yes for sure, but what else would you
teach? I mean, principally do they have to find their own way or
should they try to participate in the world economy system in the
same way like f.e. Europe?
Or should they not care about those economical concepts because they
live in totally different communities? Can they get their own bank,
f.e.? And then, what can we do to make sure that the people who see
nature and religion and gods and dancing and tribes as a unity, that
those are more secure, that they donīt disappear from this world? And
that they stay the same, but less poor and hungry.

I have realized, too, that a change of mind has to be reached
in Americas and Europes population. The moral duty of Reparations and
of expressing not only a sorry, but also wishes to take actively part
in a new way or new communication have to be realized by many people.
I think that connection to other groups is great, but we also have
our own agenda. If the plans go in the same direction, well, fine.

One Love
Stephan yahoogroups.com
Date: Tue 1/15/02 13:19
Subject: [IRSGroup] DroptheDebt and Education question

Hi Stephan
You have said it perfectly, that while connection with other groups is great, we also have our own agenda.
You asked how does Rasta educate? It is an ongoing process through music, spoken word and through activism such as is taking place right here and now. Rasta was the original people calling for REPARATIONS and I am only carrying the flag which has been flying for several decades.
Some Rastas will want to set up their own communities, own bank, own schools, etc. while some will be comfortable living their own natural lives within "Babylon". That debate is not for this occasion. I&I do care about economic concepts, but care more about making sure that, as you say: "...people who see nature and religion and gods and dancing and tribes as a unity don't disappear from the world, that they stay the same but less poor and hungry..."
I think that in this objective, Reparations is the BEST place to begin.

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