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Re: dead prez interview
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Yes I, Iman attended a Uhuru meeting in Brooklyn a while back and was impressed by what they had to say. But me had to leave the U.S. for a while due to immigration problems so I didn't get a chance to get involved. I don't think they're in Ohio... know of a chapter?
My only criticism of Uhuru is they seem to put maybe a little too much emphasis on Yeshitela as the leader... like his picture is in the black star on their paper 'Burning Spear'... don't get me wrong, everything the man say that I've heard i agree with, I just think it's easy to fall into the trap of 'leader worship' which can lead to not thinking for yourself and not thinking of YOURSELF as a leader... plus if an organization relies too much on one man, all the beast have to do is X out that one man, and there goes the organization.
But being a part of Uhuru i'm sure you have a better idea of how it operates than I do, maybe I'm totally off the mark.
By the way I've seen your posts on another message board... which I actually considered joining just in order to cuss out this one fool who was posting things about "enough mixing up rasta with politics" and how it's wrong to encourage a "lust for revolution" (??!!?)... but I never got around to it... i'm sure the I know who I'm talking about.
Yo when is that new dp's gonna drop, I heard it was supposed to be today but I don't see it nowhere.
Anyway, Peace, Love and raspek sis, keep on with the struggle... UHURU! RASTAFARI!

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