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RASTA Unity Conference in Panama

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Leon of the Tribe of Juda.
Lets give thanks and praises to the Most High, Jah Rastafari the Almighty I for InI blessings in the year of InI Lord 2002.
I bring words to Rastafari Nation of the upcoming conference for Rastafari Inity May 25 -30, 2002. This conference is in preparation for the Barbados conference on Repatriation/Reparation in August 28 - September 7, 2002. InI in Panama have joined forces with the Afro-Panamanain NGOs to set up a platform for the betterment of Afro in the Republic of Panama and at the same time to develop strategies towards trodding to Barbados for the above mentioned conference.
The conference in Panama as two purposes, One, to diagnose the present situation facing our bredrins and sistrens in Panama and to give a prognosis to the Panama government to alleviate some of the problematics entrenched in the Afro environment. Two, to establish Rastafari first tabernacle in Panama, reason about the Inity of InI Nation in the year 2002, and establish an agenda for repatriation and reparation for Afrikans home and abroad. Last year conference was schedule for Panama and it was held in St. Kitts because of financial setback.
This year Rastafari should hold strong and come up with InI own finances to trod to Panama for this Inity conference. InI in Panama will make arrangement to assist in acquiring the Elders fare to Panama and accomodation. Houses and Mansions should make arrangement to send at least one representative to Panama to report on outcome of Inity and InI in Panama will take care of accomodation.
Dr. Carol Yawney will be in Panama to present Rastafari connection Kimberly - Colon and the Holy Piby at the conference of Panama National Encounter of Afro Historian at the Anthropological Center Reina Torres de Ara˙z (Queen Towers of Arauz) at 5th of May Plaza, Downtown Panama City on 24 and 25 of May. Moreover, InI expect to have Dr. Jake Homiak, Dr. Barry Chavennes at this conference to reason about Rastafari exhibit to the display at the Smithsonian Institution National Musuem of Natural History on Feb.6, 2003.
In the spirit of InI Father and the desire of InI nation to dwell in Inity, lets look at May Afikans Freedom Day and Panama Black Solidarity Day to bring the Nation in One Fold.
InI waits for InI feedback. More Time, Jah Bless InI, Ras Sela

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