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language of languages

give thanks,

yeah, uknow, more love evrytime, yeah uknow...

...how well do u know JAH...well if u don't know JAH then the words of JAH will be as nothing to u/unreal. because a body can only know what it can feel. But the more u know JAH the more JAH words become more real to u.

can someone who speaks english understand a person speaking Japanese? the english person can only understand the Japanese language spoken, by identifying the sounds, tones, gesters etc that is similiar in his/her own english language. in other words a person is only understanding the 'english in the japanese language'.

Much more, a baby can only understand the lanuage of its parents by seeing its own language in the language of what it hears...remember that we were all once babies knowing nothing...therfore we all used the language that wasn't learnt, to learn the lanuage we speak today...being that we were all once babies, this clearly tells me that we all possess this 'language' that can speak all languages(english, french, german, etc)being that we learned evrything from this 'language'.

language express understanding therefore if we all posses this one 'language' then we all possess one understanding already, from birth. And jus as a baby grows, his/hers understanding grows too. no one can or is truly disagreeing with anyone...the only disagreements is what makes english english, God God, or u you, wich is not a negative thing.

given all that is said, u basically have to have a language in u before u can learn it and speak it, like a baby have to be living in the womb before it can live outside the womb. Yeah it kind of sounds weird, u have to have a language before u can learn it...so why do we learn it when we already have it. But remember who is the Image and who is GOD. the Image mimicks what is already there.

therefore this 'language' that we used to understand and speak the language we speak to day have to have the language of JAH already in it or else we can never ever learn or understand what JAH is saying. wouldn't make sense to seek. so how do u know that u have JAH language ina u?...

it is written that when u ask for something from JAH u ask as though you've already recieved it...words from the ONE from Nazareth.

so it all comes down to what u believe. its not by facts or evidence... because of the sake of the definition itself, question, can always be applied to any said fact or evidence...yet belief does not stand alone because what can a blind man believe when a blind man sees nothing?
so u have to see it.

yet a Man created is not complete without eyes that see...and there must be something to see if a Man have eyes...is seen have to be certain in order for a Man to believe from it.

what i'm saying is not to get weary, fustrated or discouraged over things u are not certain of. its not what you have done that matters but why u did it...what happend is what u think happend. the whole universe an ting is all ina u...blessed my Lords and Empresses...

King of Kings Lord of Lords

give thanks, natural


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