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Re: Messian Dread ?
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nuff respect and I feel humbled by your question. The name messian means ofcourse that I am a follower of Yeshua the Messiah. But it goes a little further as it says someting about my position within the movement of Rastafari. Being a Jesus Dread sometimes is similar then being a Jew who believes in Messiah Yeshuah. They do not consider themselves outside Judaism still they believe Yeshuah to be the Savior. They are the "Christians" in Judaism, I could be considered "Christian" within Rastafari.

I am a Christian in the sense that I believe and worship my Savior, Yesus Kristos, like many of my Rastafarian Bredrin and Sistren. But can I deny my Identity as a Dreadlock with a big Respect for His Majesty? You know, you are a Rasta (or a dread) from Creation. Dread is my Identity, this is how Jah Jah created me, and I grow my locks now for over 10 years, and I am "into" Rastafari and Reggae Music for over 22 years. It took me ten years before Jah told me to grow my dreadlocks. Before that I knew I was not righteous enough for that. I had to cut them once because I had to from Jah, and I re-grew them, this is now 7 years ago or so. I can not and will not deny my Identity as a dreadlock, just as much as the Messian Jews will never deny their Identity as Jews.

If I see how most of Christianity responds to Rastafari, do you really think that I as a dread could become a part of that and still wear my locks? No! And also, do you really think that that kind of Christianity would accept me? No. I must however also stress, that I know many many Christians who are different, and the knowledge about Rastafari is also increasing within Christianity.

My position as a Jesus Dread is sometimes causing unrest, in both Rastafarian and Christian Camps. Christians tend to want to bring Selassie down in order to "proof" that he's not Christ, Rastafarians on the other hand, at least some of them, tend to be blinded for the fact that His Majesty was a devout Christian and His Teachings were in essence to become a Christian.

I learned not to defend myself anymore against people who want to be anti-christian or anti-rastafarian. My identity comes from JAH, and NOT from listening to Bob Marley and getting stoned.

I hope that I answered your question, and I really feel humbled by your interest. May Jah Bless You.

Oh yes, the "protocols" are really an anti-semetic book with no truth in it, it is used by the nazi's against the Jews and it is a best seller in the middle east.

One Love,
Messian Dread

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