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youd fe thought

de adda day, I eldest son Tafari age 12 was worried bout him 'yellow belt test' in him karate dojo. Although Tafari haf definitly made progress Iyah, him is aware of how short him come whan him compare himself to adda youts an especially him likkle breddah Masai age 10..True Tafari haf made nuff progress, him haf cerebal palsy an him left side was left wit muscle paralysis an weakness from a brain hemmorrhage him sustain whan him was born (I woman was only 6 mos pregnant when me give birth..he was only 1 an half pounds at birth). de progress him mek in de class cyan only be so much...meanwhile him younger breddah a tek off!!! him younger breddah cyan kick so high an ting Iyah, him look like him fly at times...but de teacher call pon Tafari fe him yellow belt..an we nah qwestion de sensi reasons..its Tafari time now..so Tafari was sooo worried..now me Know dat him sensi nah gwan let him fail, as he know Tafari weaknesses after all dem months working wit him..him nah gwan call him knowing de weakness Tafari CYANT change, an challenge him to try fe de yellow if him nah gwan gibe him his reward de yellow belt!!!
it mek me tink of I Fadda..how much more will He be willing to forgive, of INI weaknesses dat we cyant help, how much more will Fadda forgive an allow INI to obtain de reward, Iternal Life whan we haf accepted His teachments, regardless of INI weakness..We Try! We keep Trying an Him Know..an Him call we fe come get INI reward...
Jah Love to All pon de board

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youd fe thought
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