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Re: Nostradamus and Sollog
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Greetings in the name of the Most High!

The reason why I posted about Nostradamus and Sollog was because I saw this movie about Nostradamus and it really touched me. However in the movie Nostradamus says that his spiritual son will come sometime in 1900, I belive that it is Sollog he's talking about. Sollog has predicted these things:
*The Oklahoma city bombing
*TWA 800
*Valujet 592
*The crash of Concorde and Swiss air 111
*The dates of the US embassy bombings
*Exact dates and locations of many major earth-quakes
*The death of JFK Jr. in a plane crash
*The death of Michael Kennedy in the woods of New Years eve
But I'm not so sure abouth if he's a good guy or if he's not because I read today that he claims to be the beast in the book of revelations!
If he is don't follow that man.
I also read that he has predicted a large earth-quake on the 19th of January 2002. He has also warned Bush about nuclear bombings that will start in Israel and that a nuclear bomb will go off in Washington DC and that the whole US government will be wiped out!
I don't really know what to belive about this Sollog guy but I'm going to keep my eyes on him in the future.
Interesting thing that Nostradamus predicted Selassie, I didn't know that.



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Re: Nostradamus vividly predicted Selassie
Re: Nostradamus vividly predicted Selassie
Re: Nostradamus and Sollog

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