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Re: Messian Dread, thanks for the Dubroom show...!


I am very grateful for your remarks, they are a blessing to I. The show is indeed mixed in one long mix, but the track listings can be found at www.dubroom.org/radio
Here's the listing and remarks of the two shows that are on now:

This show is a Heavyweight Selection of some very hard and militant rockers as well as some spaced out Dub from the original Dub Masters. The show starts of with a track from the mighty Scientist, followed by a selection of four extended tracks. This set of maxi singles ends with a totally spaced out Dub part, only to be followed by some weird but masterful pieces of mixing skills by Pat Kelly and Scientist. This Scientist was taken from his album "Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires" where it has the title "You Teeth In My Neck". Next is another Scientist track, this time in 12" style. Dubbed from the top to the very last drop, and still including the complete vocals. Prince Jammy enters again with a Junior Reid Maxisingle and a wicked Steppers Dub. And the Steppers continue with a Dubwise from Linvall Thompson and another 12". The second part from this mazi single is reserved for Dillinger. And the show stops with another DJ Track called "Dutch Rockers", just because I'm from the Netherlands myself.

01. Scientist - Rise With Version
02. Michael Scotland - Hypocrites (12")
03. Sugar Minott - Back Biting (12")
04. Tetrack - Trappers (12")
05. Dr. Alimantado - Ghetto Children (12")
06. Pat Kelly At The Control
07. Scientist & Michael Prophet - Love And Unity (Dub)
08. Wayne Wayde - Poor And Humble (12")
09. Junior Reid - Jail House (12")
10. Prince Jammy - Step It Up In Dub
11. Thompson All Stars - Rock Me In Dub
12. Ronnie Vavis & Dillinger - Anywhere (12")
13. Bobby Ellis & The Professionals - Militant Salute
14. King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Anti Aircraft Dub
15. Militant Barry - Dutch Rockers

Nuff and Nuff deejays tracks and spaced out Dub in this mix! The show starts of with an uptempo steppers Dub, followed by a sweet Roots Track in 12" style. Next up are three deejay tracks in a stricktly roots style. And just before another set with DJ tracks starts off, you can hear Scientist the Dub Chemist at the controls. Prince Far I Concludes the DJ set with some reasonings to meditate over. Next up is a Time Warp: Alpha and Omega meets the Disciples, and more UK Dub follows with Centry at the Controls. And since the heavyweight steppers are playing, it goes on with a great track that can be downloaded for free on the Internet: Dry And Heavy Special from Japan! From Japan we go to the Netherlands, where you can find Twilight Circus. Check out a Spaced out Steppers Dub from him, just before the show stops with two works from a great Reggae Mixman, Paul "Groucho" Smykle: a Dub from Black Uhuru's "Darkness" and and extended mix from InI Kamoze: "We Reggae General".

01. North Londoners - Money Dub
02. Bold One - I Can't Hide (Extended)
03. Trinity - How Long Jah (Extended)
04. Big Joe - Rich Man
05. Jah Stone - A Militant Dread
06. Scientist At The Control
07. Dr. Alimantado - I Shall Fear No Evil
08. Jah Walton - Stay A Yard And Praise God
09. Ranking Joe - Weak Heart Fade Away
10. Prince Far I -What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day
11. Alpha & Omega meets the Disciples - Roaring Lion
12. Barry Isaacs & Centry - Jah Bible (Extended)
13. Dry And Heavy - Heavy Special
14. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Cracking Dub
15. Paul Smykle And Black Uhuru - Apocalypse (Darkness)
16. Paul Smykle And InI Kamoze - General

One Love,
Messian Dread

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