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Watch what you do and say Today

Gods words with Music

We live in tomorrow is whatever we build today.

That's exactly what the Bible says in that famous statement=20
in Galatians 6:7, "Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked. =20
A man reaps what he sows." =20

So, what you're planting today, you'll be eating in the future ... what=20
you're building today, you'll be living in later on. =20
In a very real way, the life you're living right now -=20
the things you love and the things you hate -=20
it's the harvest of the choices you made months ago or years ago -=20
except you may not have realized at the time=20
you were making your choices. That's why it's so=20
important to realize it now -=20
about the choices you're making at this point=20
in your life!

What you do with or to your body now you'll be living with down the=20
road. The way you treat your parents ... the way you treat your =
... the way you treat the other people in your personal world -=20
you'll be living with that in your relationships for a long time to =
come. =20
You'll reap the sacrifices you're making, the appreciation you're =
the generosity you're showing. You'll also reap the criticism you give, =
sarcasm, the meanness, the harshness, the neglect. =20
They will come back to you.

The way you talk to people, the way you talk about people - I hope =
something you'll want to live with in the years to come. Your words are =

seed you sow, and later you'll be living with the harvest of those words =
a beautiful harvest or a bitter harvest. And one thing we're all =
for better or worse, is a reputation. You are developing, right now, a=20
reputation for trustworthiness or unreliability ... for honesty or=20
deceitfulness ... for moral purity or moral laxity ... for consistency =
inconsistency. And much of what you get in the future will be the =
of the kind of reputation that you're building today. =20
You really do reap what you sow.

So don't compromise just to get out of a jam ... or to get a quick =
... or to cover up something ... or to meet a need today in a way that =
going to regret tomorrow. Draw out the lines of the choices you're=20
making. Where's this going to take me? Am I going to end up where I =
to end up? I'll be meeting what I'm sowing today later on. =20

Live openly,=20
live honestly,=20
live gently.

Someday you will be living in what you're building today. =20
Build something that will last, and build something=20
you'll want to live in for a long time.

Whatever our hands touch-
We leave fingerprints!
On walls, on furniture
On doorknobs, dishes, books.
There's no escape.
As we touch we leave our identity.=20


Oh God, wherever I go today
Help me leave heartprints!
Heartprints of compassion
Of understanding and love.

Heartprints of kindness
And genuine concern.
May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
Or a runaway daughter
Or an anxious mother
Or perhaps an aged grandfather.

Lord, send me out today
To leave heartprints.
And if someone should say,
"I felt your touch,"
May that one sense YOUR LOVE
Touching through ME.=20

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