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Re: Don't take this too serious

Raspek Ras M/Jahtruth/gregory.
I was kinda testin you there to see if you could tek a joke, cos you used to be ultra-defensive and accusatory in your posts. It seems you have progressed in how you deal with people, respek 4 that.
I am sure there are many issues on which InI will still disagree, but I glad the I has opened heart and mind to be able to communicate with people better- because it's always better to talk WITH people than to talk AT them, no true?
I don't know if I will get around to joining your club as I don't get much time on the internet, I just sneak in some time when I'm at work. But I wish you every success and I hope the organization you're forming can do some good works.
You mention the homeless in your posts, I have an idea for you, it's something I used to do in Oregon as part of a group called Food Not Bombs. You can go around to stores and ask for donations of food that is still good but can't be sold because it's just past it's "best-by" date. Make sure the food is still good and not rotting! Then you can cook up some big feasts and give out to homeless/poor people. Try to get the homeless involved in obtaining and preparing the food themselves, that way it is not just charity but helping yourself and one another. Be warned, in San Francisco the police was going nuts arresting people for giving out free food without a permit, because Food Not Bombs was attracting too many "unsightly" homeless people to gather in public places. They even tried to lock up an activist for life under the "Three Strikes and You're Out" laws, for serving a bagel!!
Blessings and Respek Gregory.

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