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Ethiopia Could Teach the World - Yes it Could

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

Help Support the Ethiopia Divinity Awareness Campaign 2002

By w.m.

The objective of the website Ethiopianism.com is simply
to inspire a "new age" Ethiopia Divinity Awareness Campaign.

Targeting the hundreds of millions of active religious
seekers worldwide, the ethiopianism.com entrepreneur
wants to reveal the divine nature of Ethiopia and
encourage every citizen on Earth to pilgrimage to this
ancient country to experience its mystical enlightenment
while helping the Ethiopian economic-tourism industry.

Maybe this is all wishful thinking but nobody should
underestimate Ethiopia's potential. As writer Judith
Reynolds Brown wrote while on her humanitarian mission
in Ethiopia: "If Ethiopia's history and archeological
treasures could be marketed, dug out like diamonds
and somehow sold, I speculate, this country would be

The Ethiopia Divinity Awareness Campaign seeks to
revive and merge the mystic movements of Ethiopianism
and Ethiopiawinet through a modern interpretation that
compliments the religious beliefs of all the major
faiths, whether it be Christian, Judaism, Islam,
Buddhism, and Hinduism. (Buddhism was founded
by Ethiopians--see John Jackson's "Ethiopia and the
Origin of Civilizations").

The Ethiopia Divinity Awareness Campaign wants to remind
Humanity on Earth that through Ethiopia we can in this
modern age of science and doubt reconfirm with tangible
evidence the existence of God--securing God's will on Earth
for another 1,000 years and our spiritual immortality.

Ethiopia is the metaphysical location where the
Spiritual and physical bind.

The 3,500-year-old Bible identifies Ethiopia in its
first page (Genesis 2:13) as near the Garden of Eden.
Fossils found since 1974 in Ethiopia have only reconfirmed
that indeed Ethiopia is the scientific location where
human evolution occurred and God's involvement through
prophets. Science has now proven the word of God as truth

Does God speak through Ethiopia!

According to what has been the legend and folklore of
Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopianism, the Ethiopians
are the descendents of Queen Sheba and King Solomon.
They are the Lions of Judah, and have served as the
protectors of the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten

Moses fled to Ethiopia, married an Ethiopian, and may
have instructed his followers to go in fact to Ethiopia,
to create a multi-ethnic nation and build the tools
necessary to restore the Kingdom of God on Earth,
explaining why the Ark of the Covenant was later
brought here .

Ethiopia, the place the Prophet Mohammad, let peace be
upon him, hailed as the most tolerant of nations and
said that God would bless any home that welcomes an
Ethiopian. These comments were made when the Arabian
authorities were severely persecuting Muslims in the six
century, while Ethiopia was opening its border to these
adherents, setting an example of tolerance and saving
Islam from its destruction.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have thrived in Ethiopia.

Could Ethiopia unify the three major Abrahamic faiths
and bring world harmony?

Ethiopia fulfills prophecy prior to the return of
Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ said it would be the Queen of Sheba and
her Lambs that would judge all humanity in the last
days, as written in the New Testament (See Luke 11:31).

Biblical prophecy warns in Revelations (See Rev. 5) that
prior to the Messiah's return a nation worthy to open the
scroll with the seven seals would be found, in a
state of suffering, its inhabitants appearing half dead.
The citizens of the world overlooking this realization
because of sin.

When these events occur the suffering this nation
endured will occur worldwide, sevenfold.

The suffering of Ethiopia is coming our way--prepare!!

Those that embrace Biblical prophecy as truth must now
begin to redeem the sins of Adam and Eve by finding
redemption through helping the reconstruction and
development of Ethiopia where the Tree of Life is

God has blessed Ethiopia. Those that bring suffering
to the Ethiopians will be cursed. Miriam, sister of Moses,
who condemned her brother Moses for marrying an Ethiopian,
was struck with leprosy by God, as written in Numbers 12:1.
Italy has continued to suffer its own economic and social
political upheaval for its pre-WW2 invasion of Ethiopia,
when it criminally used chemical weapons to march undefeated
into Addis Ababa. Italy must redeem itself and return all
relics it stole and embrace all Ethiopian nationals as
dual-citizens as redemption to help eradicate poverty
throughout Ethiopia.

The fate of the Ethiopia is the fate of the Earth!

The international community must recognize Ethiopia as
the staging ground to rebuild Africa and all undeveloped
nations. Is it to much to ask that one trillion dollars
be invested to rebuild Ethiopia after all the suffering
it and its people have endured? Much is being done but
so many more problems in Ethiopia remain unresolved.

Those that help jump-start the Ethiopian economy and
pilgrimage to this country will be blessed by God through
the metaphysical reciprocal spiritual exchange of grace.
Cure the ills of Ethiopia today and God will help cure
the ills of all nations tomorrow.

Do not underestimate Ethiopia...as National Geographic
writer Virginia Morell, author of "Blue Nile-Ethiopia's
River of Magic and Mystery" wrote about the Ethiopians...

"The wheel of fortune never ceases turning and one day,
perhaps tomorrow, you might be bowing to them[Ethiopians]."


To assist the agendas of Ethiopianism and Ethiopiawinet,
websites including http://Www.prayerconsultants.com and
http://Www.thegodsearch.com have been created to
provide an impressive multi-faith database,
potentially the Internet's largest, linking hundreds of
thousands of pages of information on religious phenomenon.

These sites are still under construction, but with
plans to expand the online games, audio/video
links, and message and live-chat forums, it is clear
that it is the intention of these features to keep
religious seekers as entertained as possible and
encourage them to come back and be further exposed to
the divinities of Ethiopia.

This is a thirty-year scheduled project campaign
designed to be heard by an audience no less than nine
hundred million people, in 76 languages, worldwide.
Translators needed!

For more information and to learn how to help this agenda,
visit www.ethiopianism.com or contact 307-721-0083.

P.O. Box 2089
Laramie, Wyoming

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