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JERICHO MOVEMENT- free U.S. political prisoners

Greetings to all the I's dem, I just want to post this link for y'all to check out, in regards to political prisoners in the U.S. Many know about Mumia Abu-jamal and Leonard Peltier but there are many more freedom fighters languishing in babylon's dungeons. The Jericho Movement is attempting to build a united front of support for all political prisoners in the U.S. Check them out at http://www.thejerichomovement.com/index.html
You will find their newsletter and home page including info on 100 plus political prisoners, their contact information, etc., who to write to to demand their release, and all that good stuff. Also there is an international conference on U.S. political prisoners to be held in Cuba later this year, the info should be in the website, maybe some of the yardies out there could make it across that little strip of water for that.
In the future I'ma post some profiles of political prisoners in the U.S. and recommended actions to take. Remember there are simple little things anyone can do, like write a letter as we did for our idren in Malawi. All these little things add up to make a difference. Things anyone can do, regardless of their position on this endless debate about Selassie vs. Jesus and so forth that seems to be dominating this board lately.
Leh we unite and crush babylon to dust iyah.
Raspect to all, Jah love

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