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What is life? Life is the eternal fulfillment of JAH in man, that man will reach the heavenly heights in the secret place of JAH the most high JAH Rastafari, within the divinity of his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the first of Ethiopia (Zion), the conquering Lion from the tribe of Judah, the root and off spring of King David (Israel). Meaning that Haile Selassie I the first was before King David and therefore is the foundation of life.

Haile Selassie I the first, is the fulfillment of revelations. As we sight the divine manifestation of this prophecy within its humanity, the bible speaks about life on earth, so these prophecies must manifest within the earth making the prophecies be fulfilled within the flesh. Thus, we all may bear witness to the truth of whom JAH is.

Ethiopia is the only kingdom and Empire on earth which preserves the heritage of African people, both home and abroad, from the beginning of time even forever. Ethiopia is the first nation mentioned in the bible before all other nations existed. This is the land where JAH dwelled with the angels, and where he first created man.

The bible, is the guideline and an instructor for the wise to be wiser, and the fool to become wise within the wisdom of life. Thus if one walks within this wisdom, only than shall they sight up JAH truth within. The bible is an Ethiopian story book portrayed in European thinking, that Africans will not see themselves in the bible as a nation, and Empire, and people whom has ruled the earth before anybody else.

Ethiopia had different names within the ancient days of old, such as Cush, Atlantis, Thebes, Meroc, Naporta Nubia Abbysinnia, whom are the original god Kings that ruled the earth. Most of these kings are not even mentioned in the bible, Kings like Aspalta (593-568 B.C.), and Taharqa, whom built the largest pyramid in Ethiopia. This ancient empire has the oldest Lineage in the world that ruled by the bible.

Haile Selassie I the first of Ethiopia, can trace his lineage back to Emperor OUI from 4,478 to 6,280 B.C. to November 2nd, 1930. Within the divinity and humanity of Haile Selassie I the first of Ethiopia, remember His Majesty's line was before Israel existed, even before Christ. His Majesty is the most exalted King in this earth as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, the conquering Lion of Judah, Light of this world, King of Zion, Defender of I faith, and Culture earth's rightful ruler. He is the most highest intelligence force to trod the face of the earth as the Supreme Being whom fulfilled the book of revelations, the psalms, and the prophets.

Ethiopia throughout all time, is known as the land of GOD as well as the land of Sun Burn faces (black) therefore, the monarchy of Ethiopia is a divine monarchy established by god for himself whom rules as god and king over all the earth.

All Nations on November 2nd, 1930, bowed down before JAH the most high, JAH Rastafari, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, the first might and power of the holy trinity, Christ returned in flesh and person of His Imperial Majesty fulfilling the prophesy of Daniel ("out of the loins of David shall Christ sit on the throne of David within the flesh"). JAH also told Daniel to shut up the book of life, and seal it because there was no one whom was worthy to open JAH book and to look there on.

There was no one in Zion, and in the earth, nor under the earth, and even above the earth, whom was worth to open JAH book, and look there on. And one to the elders said, wee not, behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Rood of David hath prevail to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof (Rev Ch.5 vs.5). This prophesy alone, with all other prophesies was fulfilled on November 2nd 1930, in Addis Ababa, the city of JAH Rastafari in Mount Zion I Ethiopia, the highest region.

In the coronation of JAH Rastafari, a lot of biblical prophecy was fulfilled, especially in the book of revelation (ch.5 v 5 & ch. 17 v 14 & ch. 19 v 11 - 16). The book of psalms was also fulfilled, the psalms of King David within the Coronation of Haile Selassie I the first, psalms 87,21,109,& 68, and the prophets in the book of Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6.

This was the day when all nations who stood before the presence of JAH whom became his footstool. A representative on behalf of the king of England returned to Zion and her king, the golden spectre, thus fulfilling the prophesy in Genesis Chapter 49 verse 10. The spectre is the rod of Iron where JAH shall rule all nations and dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. All these prophesies were fulfilled in 1930 November 2nd

Without the manifestation of Haile I Selassie I the first, than none of these prophesies would have been fulfilled, and then we would not know who Christ is, because these prophesies would have never been fulfilled even to this day. So these are the prophecies that has been fulfilled in the bible, the book of life, our Ethiopian story book, and the manifestation and fulfillment of the bible. The prophecies written therein, is the Emperor of Ethiopia, the Conquering Lion from the tribe of Judah, JAH!! RASTAFARI!!!

Many people will not accept this truth because within these religious organizations, the pastors whom are learned, do not accept this truth, so they suppress the truth by not teaching it to the people. So it is these people whom call themselves men of God (pastors) whom take the bible and use it as a tool of oppression and causing the masses to imagine vain things, believing in a god they know not, and a spirit in which they cannot identify with. Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The Kings of the earth set themselves and the false rulers together took council against the Lord God JAH Rastafari and his anointed, saying let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from among us.

This was fulfilled in 1935 when Church and state under Rome, and all the false rulers of the world took council together against the Lord God JAH Rastafari, the ruler of heaven and earth, the conquering Lion of Judah, and this was the beginning of the battle of ammagedeaon when the anti-Christ pope Paul kissed the bomb intended to destroy Zion and our people, and also gave Mussolini his evil blessings to exterminate Ethiopia and her King and her people fulfilling the prophesy that the beast shall make war with the lamp and the lamb shall conquer because he is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the rightful ruler of the heavens and the earth (Revelations Chapter 17 verse 14).

The said bomb that the pope kissed is the said bomb that after it dropped in Ethiopia, it did not go off, and that said bomb, His Imperial Majesty had put his foot upon it, thus fulfilling the prophesy of Isaiah Ch.54 v.17 (no weapon made shall prosper against me).

On May 5th 1941, his Majesty took back his throne, the throne of King David, the throne of God and by conquering Rome the dragon, who castled the dragon out of Zion, like in the beginning, He(Rastafari) turns all nations against one another, who took council together against the most high. And world war two begun when all nations under Rome and the league of Nations all turned on one another whom are the destroyers of international morality and collective security, that powerful nations don't take advantage of the weaker nations. This was the judgment that JAH Rastafari brought down

Nations with His Majesty did say that although you struck the match in Africa, it shall burn in Europe. And this is the 2-edged sword, the word of JAH Judgment. And the whole world felt it, and are still feeling it even to this day, and until all nations adhere to the words of the king that international morality, and equal rights and justice is respected amongst all nations, than the world will not know peace.

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