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Goodmorning ('I say Love')

Would like to say that in this world full of planes crashing into buildings, race against race, religion against religion, sister against sister, brother against brother, sister against
brother, brother against sister, family against family, party against party, church against church, sect against sect, principle against principle, ideology against ideology, market
against market, fruit against fruit (organic vs. synthetic), book against book, hair against hair, song against song, some even arguing Psalm against Psalm... would just like to say in
this world aforementioned above I am so very thankful to Jah for I&I and this little place under the stars where I&I gather and
the LOVE that holds us together.

'Love is the seventh wave and there is no deeper wave than this... rising in the world' 'I say Love'

More thankful every day...

Here is something found on www.bobmarley-festival.com about being positive:

When talking of positive vibrations, Bob Marley
explained it best when he said, “You can’t be two things at one time. If you are positive, you have to be positive. If you are negative, you have to be negative. We can’t be positive to you
and then be negative to someone else. We can’t deal with it that way. We must be positive to black, pink, green, yellow, whoever and everything.” Bob chose to be and live in a positive way, to cut the negative out entirely. Speaking and singing of positive living is what he did, and his message continues to influence us 20 years after is death . Bob described life
as “the greatest thing.” In life, Bob’s words were the positive vibrations he lived. “It’s what you say, keeps you alive. It’s what your mouth say kills you... weed out the devils, overcome the devils with the “Natural Mystic” of a thing called Love.” Bob’s words of wisdom continue to echo.............

Have a wonderful day full of positive vibration and inner peace, sincerely, Ras Feather :)

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