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A Rasta Youth Concerned about Rastafari Faith

As a Rastafari youth coming up trying to grow in the knowledge of truth, it is very disappointing to look around and see a wide range of confusions within InI as Rastafari and within the Christian world on a whole. I can't comprehend why so many who claim to be Rasta totally ignore the pure teachings of H.I.M and the Bible, and would rather flock to contrary teachings from weak sources such as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Scribes, Pharisees etc. Some Rases try to re-interpret the Words of the Emperor to suit themself and their limited thinking. Any true Rastafari should overstand what H.I.M mean when H.I.M say that " Unless a man accept the Bible and its great message with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE then he hath no hope in salvation." And "We in Ethiopia have one of the oldest versions of the Bible.. in whatever language it might be written the Word remains one and the same. It transcends all conceptions of race. It is ETERNAL."
Despite the many references that the Emperor has made in regards to His 1st advent as Eyesus Christos, some Rases still deny the purpose of salvation through Jah conquering the cross, just like most in the Christian realm fail to recognize the significance of the Throne of David and the 2nd advent of the Christ to Seat upon this Throne according to the flesh (Acts 2, Ps 2). I think that many weak Rastas, Christians and non-believers lose sight of the Emperor's divinity and are confused and weakened when H.I.M say things like being saved by the blood of Christ and even making mention of and praying to the Abba in heaven. Why do we argue whether Selasse and Eyesus are One? Does any true Christian argue about whether the Father, Son and Spirit are One? Didn't Eyesus acknowledge His Father in Heaven and H.I.M sending the Holy Spirit (John 14)? So why wouldn't Selasse also bear witness of the Father and Son? The Holy Trinity never disagrees. It is time that all Israel and Christians unite around the Throne of David and the perfection of Haile Sellasse I the Power of the Holy Trinity. It is full time InI identify our ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Faith which comes from the Beginning(John 1) and has no end.

Haile Sellasse I the First
And Amlak (One God)

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