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Re: Jamaica's Conquered Maroons

You are not thinking clearly, Henry. In my post I was defending the Maroons, not criticizing them. I was lamenting how Jamaica allowed these people to be exploited and robbed by squatters who stole their lands, by politicians who failed to protect them from the hords of rapacious theives that decended upon these noble people, and by the imperatives of tourism that have prostituted so much of Jamaica.

Henry, you clearly miss my point completely. I think this happens to you often. A good course in reading may help. As for your prattling about Rasta and Buffalo soldiers, it shows how trivial and shallow your understanding (not overstanding in your sad case) is of black issues in general.

Why don't you go put on you Old Testament patriarch costume and pretend you have insights into complex things. As for me, I am interested in things HERE ON EARTH. Like all real Rastas.

PS: I am still waiting for my reparations. Remember, send them in a small box marked URINE SAMPLE, to:

Ras Banana

Post box 32a

Quick Step (Trelawny)

Jamaica, WI

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