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The Emperor

Blessed brothers and sisters!

As a christmas-gift I got the book "The Emperor" (Ryszard Kapuscinski) from my father who wants me to stop beliving that His Supreme Majesty is JAH the almighty. The author of the book has been talking to the people who worked with His Venerable Majesty and they are telling him about the time when Selassie I ruled Ethiopia. I really don't know how much of what they say that is the truth, can these people be trusted? After all, it was His Most Exalted Majesty himself that chose the people who worked in the palace.
A great part of the book is discribing His Merciful Highness as a paranoid and greedy man who loves his power over all things and serves his dogs meat on a silver-plate while his people are eating rotten bread and suffering from starvation. But the book also says that His Maserful Highness never needed to write anything down, his memory was far beyond a normal man's. Nobody ever saw his signature or anything hand-written by His Majesty. He never needed glasses to read, not even at old age, his vision was perfect. Nobody ever saw any signs of irritatin, nervousness, anger, rage or frustration from His Imperial Majesty.
When he was taken down from His throne by evil rebels many of the people who had been working with His Highness was killed, my question is:
If the rebels thought that Selassie was responsible for all the bad things that had happend to Ethipoia why didn't they kill him?
Sure, they took away his power but none of them dared to kill him, Why?
The book end with the a short notice that the King of Kings died from circulatory failure.
Has anybody else read this book or does anybody know more about what really happend, or should I belive in what Selassie's servants and closest associates say about H.I.M. ?


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