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anyone who try to convert anyone

anyone who try to convert anyone is trying to make sense of their own confusion. life is effortlessly given and recieved so is the truth burdenless, given and recieved.

ini eyes do not irritate when i see nor do my ears, so why should ini mentality feel negativity from the things people say or do.

Almighty ask what am i afraid of, what is it that makes me sad. if i say its dat, Him seh why is it dat, if i seh because, Him seh why is it because. only to show ini that ini is ashamed and confuse of ini self, denying that its me...i afraid of i self.

ashamed of i self, that made i able to be tempted to believe that i am not wise enough so i should seek to be wiza.

yes, yet ini give thanks for being ashamed because it let me know that i am alive. Then not being ashamed will let me live ini life...never forget where u come from.

I say make sure what u believe in, will help u when your love ones pass away. say if u grow up in the gehtto ina rough life, make sure your belief can comfort u. not in the hopes that your enemy will be punish, because then you will be waiting to be complete instead of being complete now.

the most dangerous enemy is yourself, because it is through your eyes and your nerves you feel things. the most progressive reasonings is between you in yourself...we never left Ancient Cush.

fear only teaches i how to be a better slave. blinding ini from seeing that ini spend majority of the day securing ini ability to live, instead of living the earth that is freely given to all.

a peice of paper, lacking beauty, and pratical use(materialisticly speakin), possesing "100" on it is trusted to be more valuable than a porsal of food that can help sustain the life in a body. the whole world recognizes and put their trust in peices of paper that by itself, cannot keep your head warm in winter, or protect your head from stormy weather, but can give you the things that can do so. so what is money...just a universal trust to assert a certain value on a materially inexpensive(effortless) thing, such as numbers on paper.

imagine if that universal trus is in love being effortless and conditionless, free and natural, needing not to be manufactured at the mint. again because of fear no one trusts anyone. give thanks fi death coz some cannot hear so them have to feel...including me.

the point:
if one make it then all of we make it. If one do not make it none of we make it. that one is you because the whole nation is seen and is alive to you through your eyes.

give thanks


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