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It is amazing what such gathering has come to at this stage. I say stage because I pray that INI will evolve into a more mature gathering. With so much cross vibes I am wondering whether we are in a market trying to sell our faith! Africans, we are still misplaced and looking for a better home if not for ourselves but our children.
Sometimes it looks like an invasion of christians on this RasTafari board.His Majesty ask the world to respect everyman in what ever order he chooses to worship and we are asking the visitors to respect the people of RasTafari on this board.
For many of INI RasTafari is Jah in Man ; for others He is the annointed one one the same plain like Khritos, Moses, Abraham.He is not the one to destroy the knowledge of His predecesors and His faith is never questioned.For the self proclaimed Rasta/christians, we will respect you as Our Father asks INI to respect all worshippers,but is not your aggression that can convert those of INI who know what INI know;
Read the whole of Matthew and see where the Christ promised to return as King.He further stated that there will be no more kings after Him but after His reign as King the Christ will be manifested in the hearts of Man.We also know that many are called but few will be chosen and few will choose HIM.
What does RasTafari mean
What Does Haile Sellassie 1 mean?
His Majesty also states that for INI to verstand HIM we must overstand Christ.It is a good thing He didnt walk among some of us because I suspect that he would get some stone from those waving the Jesus banner.
babylon propagander is working because since they attempted to bury HIM a lot of the faithful ones have gone soft. They start once again looking for the saviour in the sky!!! he is coming , he is coming, he is coming.
Black people are going to once again raise their heads to the sky while babylon PLUNDERING our gold, diamonds ...all our resources while they create the sTage for Africans to fight.This time the fight has entered the camps of the most feared movement of recent times.. The RasTafari Movement.We are giving them another victory brothers and sisters. give us another twenty years of this sort of bickering and we are going to see how we have failed our children who will be adults at that time.
Let INI agree to Disagree on certain issues like Him being Ivine, Him being Jah, Him being Christ, Him being A Respected KIng but for the sake of the future we have the continent and the people at home and in the diaspora to regain some sort of dignity like all other races in the world. His Majesty Says that He has come to free the lost tribe of Our Father and He is talking about INI Africans.
Are we reading His teachings? Are we ever interested in the things He writes about.
For all the visitors on the board who say they love and respect Him while you carry the bible please carry His teachings because there are many books He wrote that we cannot say we have touched. Why! Why! Why!
What has He done to make us turn away from Him to return to the name used by our enemies. We didnt make these enemies... they made themselves the enemies of Africa because of the vast amount of wealth that lies within our continent; becasue of the naturally god given attributes that the blackman has and they dont have. We Africans are innocent of this guilt. let us not help them carry this burden by dividing this Hola Trod.dont make Moses weep

dont make Abraham weep

Dont make Christ weep

dont make His Majesty weep

dont make Bob, Tosh, Dennis and all the saints in Zion weep because of the folly they fought so hard against.
For the sake of the Ancestors and our children let all of INI find some common ground as a start to repairing the breeches that our enemies caused so that they could rule the word with so much ugly injustices.WHERE ARE WE PEOPLE, JUST WHERE ARE WE?
UNTIL THAT DAY.............

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