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Re: Regarding 12 Tribes
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(i am new to TTOI and by no means a spokesperson, just giving me personal overastanding and not speaking for the organization)

So why do 12 Tribes call themselves "Rasta" when they are more like followers of the EOC?

(I call myself a Rasta because it is through
(Ras Ta)fari Makkonnen that Jesus Christ was revealed to me. His Biblical Lineage, His holy throne which he and others held, will hold for the return of Christ, and his awesome life and example
of how to live.We say greetings through the Orthodox Faith(our Selassie's faith), but not caught up in the writs rights nor vows of that church. no idol worship, incence burning, buying your way into heaven in a collection plate etc...)

Don't get me wrong, I have no "problem" with this "prophet" Dr. Carrington (although I do have a problem with doctors) and I have no problem with the EOC (obviously). But why call yourselves "Rastafarian" if Ras Tafari is not your God?
(Thanks for not dissing Gadman like many on this board do, see above for why i'm a rasta)

Did followers of Malcolm X call themselves Malcolmian? No.

But followers of ras (duke) tafari (makonnen)
DO call themselves rastafarian. And while we respect the words out of his own mouth that he was not God and its wrong to deify man.we still hold him in highest esteem and base our movement name on his. also keep in mind when Bob Marley was a member of Israel, before his wife had him baptized
in his last days he would say selassie is God Almighty w/out apology. so this mentality existed and exists today amongst members. i only hope they can learn more about what Haile selassie I said about this and what Gadman said on his 1st interview in 30 years.

They were MUSLIMS who followed the guidance of Malcolm X.

we follow the teachings of Gad (read your bible 1 chap a day Gen to Rev.)but we are not all
Gadites, just those born in November.

So why do 12 Tribesmen not call themselves CHRISTIANS who follow the guidance of HIM?

(Haile Selassie was a Christian he went to Church every day of his life. So I personally don't fight someone who wants to call me that. but I feel that
Christianity has been changed in a negative way over the years with a blonde haired/blue eyed makeover and other corruptions so we need to get back to the original text and learn hebrew, amharic geez etc..)

Again this is just me not speaking for anyone but myself. ras tafari(makonnen) revealed Christ to me it's through learning about HIM and his Glory of the bible that i picked it up for the 1st time in my 30 odd years on the planet. so while i don't worship HIM i venerate and praise his name.
Rastafari Selassie 1st(not i)

For further explanations i point you to the very elloquent author Bro. Karl Phillpotts Naphtali:

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