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Rastas in Malawi to meet president

One Love,

My name is Chiozo.I am from Malawi.I live in the UK and I write and perform reggae music.I was at home for a month and my trip coincided with the death in police custody of Evison Matafale. Matafale, a reggae singer,dubbed the king of reggae in malawi was a very talented and outspoken
person who died fighting for the rights of all malawians.

A commission of inquiry was set up to look into the reasons for his death after the official verdict of pneumonia failed to be accepted by the masses.Matafales family approved of the commission appointed by the President but the Rastas in malawi objected strongly o its composition which included puppet musician Luscius Banda, who was known to be on adverse terms with Matafale.

The rasta bredern had planned to march in protest but the march was aborted by police.I have video footage of this.The halting was civilised and the dreads carried themselves firmly and eloquently and with dignity....they broke already existing perceptions of rasta as rowdy unintelligent ganja smokers and trouble makers...much to the dissapointment of a number of people who had gathered to witness free drama.

The brethren gave the President a letter via the District Commisioner of Blantyre.The letter stated their objection to the comittee and demanded that Luscius banda be excluded and that at least two Rasta bredren be included.The letter also demanded that the president reply within seven days of receiving the letter otherwise the rastas would march with or without permission.

Today I phoned the radio station Power 101 FM which is very much a rasta station to hear the latest news.The President has agreed to meet the rastas and to discuss the composition of the commission of inquiry.The meeting is expected to be amicable and the Rastas and the radio station have prepared gifts for the presidents.

I would like to say that I am proud of the brethren.Proud that we have followed the words of Christ...Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

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